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Authors: Kai Qiang Liu, Yan Lian Rui, Guo Qiang Chen
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Silk/PLA mixture is a new textile material, and it combines the outstanding characteristics of silk and PLA fibers. During the wet process,...
Authors: Xiao Yi Shen, Yi Sun, Yuan Liang, Yu Chun Zhai, Zhi Qiang Ning
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:With zinc acetate and sodium hydroxide used as raw materials, while polyethylene glycol employed as dispersant agent, ultrafine zinc oxide...
Authors: Ting Lung Chiang, Chuen Shii Chou, Der Ho Wu, Chin Min Hsiung
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:This study investigates the applicability of p-type NiO in the working (or counter) electrode of a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC). The...
Authors: Li Hua, Ming Wei Sou, Wei Jun Zhang, Q L Hu
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Electrochemical migration (ECM) tests and rapid whisker growth on Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu solder candidates doped with Zn and Bi on Cu-plated FR-4...
Authors: Juan Li Deng, Lai Fei Cheng, Li Ning Gao, Ke He Su
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:For the preparation of the self-healing phase BxC with BCl3-CH4-H2 precursors, the...
Authors: Bin Yang, Chuan Tong Chen, Ding Ming Yuan
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Flexible functional layer of asphalt sands setting between concrete pavement slab and base can change the contact state of different layers...
Authors: Meng Qiu Jia, Yu Hong Jin
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Reflective topcoat and thermal insulation mid-coat composite coatings system was used in this work. The effect of the content of the hollow...
Authors: Hong Tao Chu, Ying Wang, Jin Qiu Zhang, Mao Zhong An
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:The functionalized porous hybrid silica as a separation medium was synthesized by using Cetyltrimethyl Ammonium Bromide(CTAB) as template,...
Authors: Ting Wang, Li Guo
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Cobalt oxyhydroxide nanocrystals were synthesized in an aqueous solution in the cavity of the apoferritin from horse spleen (HsAFr), and...
Authors: Zhen Kai Guo, Zhao Qing Song
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Rate-dependent hysteresis existing in the magnetostrictive actuator usually causes undesirable inaccuracies or oscillations and even...
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