Advanced Materials, CEAM 2011

Volumes 239-242

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: You Qiang Wang

Abstract: To study the corrosion behaviors on the rod and tube materials used in oil well is very important for prolonging oil well repairing periods,...

Authors: Xing Liu, Jong Keun Lee

Abstract: The addition of microencapsulated healing agent or catalyst in a polymer matrix can potentially change its mechanical properties and...

Authors: Hua Bing Li, Zhou Hua Jiang, Qi Feng Ma, Dong Ping Zhan

Abstract: The high-temperature strength and thermal fatigue properties of Fe-Cr-Nb-Mo ferritic stainless steel (FSSNEW) developed for automobile...

Authors: Wei Wei, Guo Tong Qin, Pei Jing Tang, Li Ping Wu

Abstract: Carbon membranes were prepared by coating an ethanol solution of phenol-formaldehyde novolac resin with additive on the porous green support...

Authors: Zhen Lin Wang

Abstract: Chemical tempered glasses were prepared using glass slides as substrate and KNO3 as melting agent by ion-exchange during 2h, 4h,...

Authors: Ding Fu Liu, Hua Wang

Abstract: Analyzing the experiment results theoretically, this paper mainly studied the affect of content of lactic acid as main complexant and pH...

Authors: Jing Xin Zhou, Ti Feng Jiao, Xu Hui Li, Wen Zhu Liu, Yuan Yuan Xing

Abstract: Two functional citral-based azobenzene derivatives with different substituted groups have been synthesized and their photoisomerization have...

Authors: Yi Bo Li, Ming Hui Huang, Xin Jiang Lu

Abstract: Pipeline steel X80 is a kind of advanced high grade steel and commonly used in long-distance transportation of oil and gas. Ovality of the...

Authors: Hao He, Yi Min Li

Abstract: SiC/Al composites with high reinforcement content were fabricated by pressure infiltration of aluminum alloy into porous SiC preform...

Authors: Chen Dong Shuang, Feng Yang, Yang Zhou, Peng Hui Li, Ai Min Li

Abstract: The magnetic copolymer was prepared by polymerization of glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) and divinylbenzene (DVB) in the presence of OA-modified...


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