Advanced Materials, CEAM 2011

Volumes 239-242

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Mu, Yong Shun Feng, De Rong Zhang, Zhi Li Wang, Hong Bin Wang

Abstract: Studies on interfacial compatibility of wood plastic composites(WPCs) have received considerable attention in recent years. The effects on...

Authors: Shao Qian Liu, Bing Chen

Abstract: A new diarylethene of 4-bromo-1-phenylethynylphene was synthesized. It is a kind of conjugated organic molecular that simulated the...

Authors: Hong Yu Liu, Song Zhang

Abstract: A new water-based strippable protected coating was made by polyurethane emulsion and nano-CaCO3 was put in the coating as the...

Authors: Fu Chen, Jie He, Ping Guo, Yuan Xu, Cheng Zhong

Abstract: According to the mechanisms of carbon dioxide miscible flooding and previous researchers’ work on synthesis of CO2-soluble...

Authors: Heng Feng Li, Guo Wen He, Jun Li, Jun Chen, Jiang Cong Chen

Abstract: A series of polyimide composites with various mass fractions of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) were prepared by in situ...

Authors: Xi Lin Zhu, Shi Ju E, An Feng Hui, Yong Yu

Abstract: Study on the preparation processing of E-ACE.By experimental methods, the conductivity, the mechanical flexibility of the electrode material...

Authors: Xin You Huang, Chun Hua Gao, Zhi Gang Chen


Authors: Chuan Jie Zhang, Liu Wang, Jin Chao Zhao, Ping Zhu

Abstract: Bacterial cellulose (BC) gelatinous films prepared in stationary culture were dried by three different drying methods: hot air drying,...

Authors: Cheng Zhi Jiang, Ya Li Dou

Abstract: TiO2 and Sn4+-doped TiO2 were prepared by sol-gel method and characterized by the techniques such as XRD,...

Authors: Yong Zhao, Wei Min Huang

Abstract: We demonstrate a novel approach to produce micron sized shape-memory beads from polyurethane shape-memory polymer (SMP)-dimethylformamide...


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