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Authors: Rub Nawaz Shahid, Bin Awais Hasan, Fahad Ali, Naeem Ul Haq Tariq
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:In this work percolation range for Al2O3-Ni interpenetrating phase composite (IPC) was studied to find the optimal...
Authors: Bo Xiao, Qian Qian Li, Li Jun Yang, Shao Ming Fang
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:New 1-D zigzag chain coordination polymer {[HgBr2(pbbm)].DMF}n (1) has been successfully constructed with...
Authors: Xiao Qin Zhang, Wei Yue, Yu Ping You, Shun Luo
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Silane surface technology have been rapidly developed in the field of anti-corrosion of metals as one of the “green” replacements for...
Authors: Kang Chen, Cheng Yun Peng, Tao Zhou, Bao Bao Li
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Blank holder force of box deep drawing is studied changes with time and displacement by DYNAFORM numerical simulation software. The results...
Authors: Ping Ouyang, Xian Ming Zhang
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Lauric acid-N-quinazolin-4-one methylester was synthesized as potential lubricating oil additive. The friction and wear behaviors of the...
Authors: Jun Peng Shao, Xiao Dong Yang, Yun Fei Wang, Xiao Qiu Xu, Yan Qin Zhang, Xiao Dong Yu, Xian Zhu Sun
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Based on heat transfer theory, thermodynamics steady state equation of hydrostatic bearing, thermal mathematical model of hydrostatic bearing...
Authors: Yu Jie Yang, Bi Ru Hu, Zhi Ming Liu, Wen Jian Wu
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Based on the principle that chlorophyll’s photodegradation occurs in the presence of oxygen, high-oxygen-barrier polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)...
Authors: Xue Qing Liu, Ji Yan Liu
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:6-arm star-shaped Poly (ε-caprolactone)-dextran (sPCL-dextran) was synthesized and characterized. The core of the star polymer is...
Authors: Yun Hui Xu, Sa Yin Lv, Yong Jin Deng
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The bamboo pulp fiber fabric was treated by chitosan with low molecular weight in aqueous citric acid. The effect of citric acid...
Authors: Xi Wang Wu, Jian Zhong Xiao, Feng Xia, Yong Gang Hu, Zhou Peng
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:How to uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and densely sinter green body are the key issues to prepare carbon nanotubes reinforced...
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