Advanced Materials, CEAM 2011

Volumes 239-242

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Xuan Chen, Ying Chun Liang, Xia Yu, Zhi Guo Wang, Zhen Tong

Abstract: To study the removal mechanism of materials during nano cutting, molecular dynamics method is adopted to simulate single crystal copper...

Authors: Ming Zhu Yue, Ya Ping Zhang, Yan Chen

Abstract: A series of sulfonated polyimides (SPIs) were synthesized by 1,4,5,8-naphthalene tetracarboxylic dianhydride (NTDA),...

Authors: Chao Sun, Min Song, Ru Juan Shen, Yong Du

Abstract: The effects of SiC fiber shape, aspect ratio and loading direction on the deformation behavior of SiC fiber reinforced Al matrix composites...

Authors: Da Guang Li, Zhi Wu, Chun Yang Pan, Wei Qin Fu, Qiu Hong Wang

Abstract: 3 mol% yttric(Y2O3)-stabilized tetragonal zirconia ( denoted as: 3Y-TZP) powders were synthesized by the reaction of...

Authors: Dang Hui Wang, Tian Han Xu, Ting Zhen Yao

Abstract: Microstructure and low-frequency noise test were measured for N80 steel casing drilling, through SEM analyzed their morphology. Results...

Authors: Ming Chun Li, Ying Tao Song, Yu Sheng Wu

Abstract: Taken the pore structure effects into account, a mathematical model to describe the interaction of mass transfers, the chemical reaction and...

Authors: Mou Sheng Song, Mao Wu Ran

Abstract: In this paper, the problem of ZrAl3 compound obtained by self-propagating reaction as the only and favorable formation phase was...

Authors: Xiao Xun Zhang, Luo Wang, Qiu Hui Liao

Abstract: Polypropylene specimens were made by the injection molding experiments under different processing conditions. The crystallinity of each...

Authors: Zhi Peng Xie, Feng Jiao Xiong, De Bi Zhou

Abstract: The electrochemical behavior of Nitroso-R-salt (NRS) in aqueous solutions and the influence of pH are investigated. In alkaline...

Authors: Zhi Feng Hao, Xue Mei Wang, Hong Xia Hou, Ya Hong Wu, Hua Gong Li, Jian Yu

Abstract: In this paper, a kind of titanium-doped silicone prepolymer(TDS) was modified by hydroxyl-terminated saturated polyester (HTSP) by...


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