Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Wei Ma, Ji Shou Niu, Pei Ming Wang, Hu Xing Chen

Abstract: The roles of B2O3 and P2O5 in the formation of clinker which stand on the each side of the IV...

Authors: Yang Wang, Yong Xia, Jin Song Zhang, Hong Song Li, Shi Bing Dai, Zhong Tang

Abstract: Doing experiment about weathering of two kinds of stone cultural relics, through measuring some technology index, comparing weathering...

Authors: Xiao Qiang Chen, Bin Jia, Yong Yao, Dai Guo Chen

Abstract: Through the laboratory dynamic triaxial test of sandy pebble soil, evolution law of influence of confining pressure and vibration frequency...

Authors: Hao Yu, Bing Hua Chen, Xing De Cheng, Kai Hua Zhang

Abstract: The continuous cooling transformation (CCT) behaviors of two vanadium (V) micro-alloyed steels with different Nitrogen (N) levels were...

Authors: Jun Long Zhou, Zhong Wen Ou, Qiao Chen, Yun Chen

Abstract: It is inevitable for steel reinforcement to be corroded when mixed with seawater-and-seasand concrete. In order to improve steel corrosion...

Authors: Zhi Hui Li, Jun Ping Shi, An Min Tang

Abstract: Based on fundamental ideas in tribology and basic concept of stress state in solid mechanics, the existence of frictional force on shear...

Authors: Bin Jia, Yong Yao, Lu Cheng, Dai Guo Chen

Abstract: Through the consolidation drained triaxial shear test of sandy pebble soil, the stress-strain curve of sandy pebble soil is obtained,...

Authors: Yun Peng Chu, Yong Yao, Bin Jia, Zhao Qiang Zhang

Abstract: The RC frame structure in epicentral area was severely damaged in the 8.0 magnitude Wenchuan earthquake. After the earthquake have using...

Authors: Yue Li, Jun Ling Bao, Chun E Sui, Xiu Li Du

Abstract: This paper presents the effects of mineral admixtures and the water to binder ratio (W/B) on the tensile and compressive strength and micro...

Authors: Hong Bao Cui, Li Feng Zheng

Abstract: In the present work, the effect of heat treatment parameters on microstructure and strength of the 30MnSi PC steel bars was investigated and...


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