Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: De Ping Chen, Jing Yu Liu, Min Liu

Abstract: Carbonation curing was adopted to accelerate the hydration of foam concrete with lower density of around 450 kg/m3. After...

Authors: Ya Ding Zhao, Xue Ying Li, Ling Chao Kong, Wei Du

Abstract: Under variable temperature curing conditions(30 oC ~70 oC), concrete with fly ash whose compressive strength, flexural strength, and dynamic...

Authors: Wei Juan Guo, Gao Xiang Du, Qiang Xue, Jing Hui Liao

Abstract: The compressive strength of ultrafine white cement samples at three ages: 3, 7 and 28 days and micro appearance of hydrates were tested. The...

Authors: Xiao Qiang Dong, Xiao Hong Bai, Yong Kang Lv

Abstract: As a simplify and effective method , electrical resistivity has been used in geotechnical engineering. In lab the experiment simulated that...

Authors: Pei Sen Zhang, Wei Yan, Wen Quan Zhang

Abstract: The strip replacement mining in short-distance thin coal seam is one of the effective methods controlling displacement deformation of...

Authors: Jian Liu, Xiang Yun Huang, Guan Gen Zhou, Zhao Hui Wu, Qi Bei Wang, Hong Yan Zhang

Abstract: A new approach, which is suitable for analyzing steel frames-reinforced concrete shear wall hybrid structure considered the semirigid...

Authors: Wei Qun Cao, Xiao Mei Wan, Tie Jun Zhao

Abstract: The chloride threshold to develop active corrosion of the reinforcing steel does not seem to be a unique value and it depends on several...

Authors: Yu Ye Xu, Bi Lan Lin

Abstract: HRB400 reinforcing steel due to high strength and high ductibility is as the main reinforcing steel in “Code for design of concrete...

Authors: Fang Wang, Zhi Qian Chen, Qing Fang Meng

Abstract: A multiscale approach based upon micromechanical fiber/matrix/interface scale in fiber-reinforced composites was established to simulate the...

Authors: Ying Li, Jian Rong Yang, Ting Ting Guo

Abstract: Take the aggregate as subject, based on the water cement ratio, the compression strength of recycled water permeable concrete and evolution...


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