Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chuan Qing Fu, Xian Yu Jin, Ye Tian, Nan Guo Jin

Abstract: Based on the MFPA2D software system and test method of the wedge splitting fracture in the Lab., a numerical model was...

Authors: Qing Quan Guo, Xiao Feng Wang, Da Guang Li, Xiang Zhu He, Huan Qin Chen

Abstract: The coating of having the capability of reflecting solar heat is the requirements of the world of saving energy. This kind of coating can...

Authors: Abdullah M. Alsugair, Mansour M. Abuthnain

Abstract: This paper presents results of a study to assess the Government Contractor Classification System in Saudi Arabia. Contract award procedures...

Authors: Dan Ping Yang, Jia Peng He, Zheng Song Zhang

Abstract: This paper taked hollow glass window as the model, and heat transfer coefficient, sunshading coefficient and energy consumption of the...

Authors: Zhi Ge, Ren Juan Sun, Li Zheng

Abstract: This paper studied the mechanical properties of concrete with cement partially replaced by recycled clay-brick-powder. Four variables...

Authors: Bin Zhao, Shu Xun Ma, Pei Wen Hao

Abstract: Sulfur extended asphalt technique is an effective technical means as it uses SEAM as an additives of asphalt mixture. According to the...

Authors: Wen Bin Sun

Abstract: In this study, 9 short rectangular concrete columns with cross-section 150mm×300mm and height 600mm are prepared, they are 6 confined...

Authors: Ying Zi Yang, Yan Yao, Yu Zhu

Abstract: Four-point bending test was employed to investigate the effects of gradation of sand on the mechanical properties of Engineered Cementitious...

Authors: Jing Li, Lin Fu Wang, Juan Li, Xian Feng Qu, Lin Jang

Abstract: In order to study the flexural behavior of coarse recycled aggregate-filled plain concrete beams, two beams were made. The experiment of...

Authors: Xian Yu Jin, Chuan Qing Fu, Nan Guo Jin, Fan Ge, Yi Bing Zhao

Abstract: Based on the project requirement of a nuclear power plant, using the method of free shrinkage test and ring cracking test, shrinkage...


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