Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Hong Cong, Jing Sun, Fei Zhao, Hong Bo Liu

Abstract: As reinforced material, basalt fiber is added into cement-based material. In this paper, the influence of basalt fiber on the performance of...

Authors: Yue Li, Chun E Sui, Xue Hui Li

Abstract: In order to study the shrinkage characteristics of cement paste, environmental scanning electron microscope was used to observe the...

Authors: Lan Zong, Shi Ping Zhang, Pei Xin Liang

Abstract: Durability of dry-mixing self-compacting concrete was evaluated through carbonation testing, freeze-thaw testing and chloride ions diffusion...

Authors: Ai Kai Wang, Ya Dong Xue, Rui Wang, Suo Xiang Lv, Xiao Kang She, Bo Li, Heng Jiao Tian

Abstract: The early age cracking of concrete is concerned with its thermal expansion properties, which is mainly reflected by the thermal expansion...

Authors: Jin Xiu Gao, Xiao Shan Wang, Lu Bao Li, Hua Ruan, Hao Chi Tu, Zi Sheng Wang, Zhi Yu Wang

Abstract: In recent years, many buildings went up in flames one after another. It is thought-provoking. So the fire-proof property should be...

Authors: Zi Sheng Wang, Hao Chi Tu, Jin Xiu Gao, Guo Dong Qian, Xian Ping Fan, Zhi Yu Wang

Abstract: Aerogel is regarded as one kind of super thermal insulation materials which could be large-scalely used as building materials. However, the...

Authors: Hao Chi Tu, Xiao Shan Wang, Lu Bao Li, Hua Ruan, Jin Xiu Gao, Zi Sheng Wang, Zhi Yu Wang

Abstract: Since modern architectural technology has set a new standard for toughness of mortar, expensive polymer admixture has been used to modify...

Authors: Yun Lian Song, Ya Wei Zhang, Jing Yu

Abstract: The representative aeolian sand taken from Horqin desert freeway is used as Subgrade Material. In this paper, California Bearing Ratio (CBR)...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Yu Feng Ma, Fu Xiang Chu, Chun Peng Wang

Abstract: The foamable phenolic resin was prepared by gradual copolymerization of formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde and phenol using sodium hydroxide...

Authors: Yao Jun Zhang, Hai Hong Li, Yong Lin Zhao, Ya Chao Wang, De Long Xu

Abstract: The microstructure of alkali-activated granulated blast furnace slag-based geopolymer was studied by means of field emission scanning...


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