Advanced Building Materials

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Authors: Yang Yang, Peng Li, Yan Ping Wu

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental investigation on tensile basic creep behavior of HPC at early ages by using a uniaxial tensile creep...

Authors: Hao Zhang, Qi Keng Xu, Xian Bing Zhang, Lu Min Wang, Da Ying Zhang

Abstract: The slab filled with Disused Expanded Polystyrene Plastic(DEPP) has many advantages. It is able to save concretes, decrease self weight and...

Authors: Li Wei Xu, Jian Lan Zheng

Abstract: The hydration degree of binders and cement is investigated by measuring the adiabatic- temperature rise of concrete at low water-binder...

Authors: Xiao Wei Zhuang, Shou Hai Li, Yu Feng Ma, Wei Zhang, Yu Zhi Xu, Chun Peng Wang, Fu Xiang Chu

Abstract: The phenolic(PF) foams were prepared used low-temperature foaming and curing method. The optimum low-temperature foaming processing...

Authors: Xiao Lin Huan, Chang Liang Li

Abstract: Fiber-reinforced plasterboard is patent product which was developed by Rapid Build Structure Ltd. of Australia. Fiber reinforced...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Xin Tang Wang, Ming Zhou, Wan Zhen Wang

Abstract: Orthogonal test method is used to study the effect of the mineral admixtures on the performance of FGD gypsum-fly ash complex cementing...

Authors: Hong Tao Wang, Ju Hui Cao, Shuang Mei Li, Ming Xue

Abstract: The influence of water binder ratio, content of borax and fly ash on the fluidity and strength of phosphate concrete were investigated....

Authors: Xin Tang Wang, Yi Zhang, Ming Zhou

Abstract: A kind of FGD gypsum from Ningbo Beilun Power Plant of China and fly ash were used as the raw materials with which a complex cementing...

Authors: Shui Jun Yu, Yu Long Wang, Ben Jie Duan, Jun Wei Zhou, Fei Yang, Xu Ge Wang, Dong Lin Liang

Abstract: Foam concrete is used in building energy-saving insulation works, to study its fire performance is very important for further enhancing the...

Authors: Miao Zhou Huang, Tao Meng, Xiao Qian Qian, Jin Jian Zhang

Abstract: The flow ability, mechanical properties and microstructure of concrete with different strength grades affected by nano-SiO2 and...


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