Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhan Guang Wang, Ping Cai, Zhen Wu Wang

Abstract: Based on compression curves of spherical pores Al foam measured, compressive yield strength, the densification starting pointand energy...

Authors: Dong Wang, Yong Li, Yang Li, Rui Li, Yue Li

Abstract: Using high pure magnesia and magnesia-spinel as the main raw material, keeping the same quantity of spinel, specimens were made with...

Authors: Yue Li, Yong Li, Wen Bin Xia, Wei Zhou, Shu Long Ma, Dong Wang

Abstract: Four groups of specimens were made from Magnesia and alumina-zirconia synthetic materials, the content of alumina-zirconia synthetic...

Authors: Yi Xin Wang, Xuan Wang, You Kai Wang

Abstract: The compactness and water impermeability of the concrete mixed with magnetized water in different degrees are studied in the thesis....

Authors: Yan Ru Li, Han Zhu, Chun Sheng Liu

Abstract: The feasibility of using crumb rubber concrete (CRC) in airport pavement is discussed by analyzing the capability of crumb rubber concrete....

Authors: Hong Wei Song, Hai Tao Wang

Abstract: The impact resistance of steel fiber reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete was presented in a drop weight test. In this test, 5 groups...

Authors: Ye Qing Shen, Min Deng

Abstract: Effect of packed structure on behavior of capillary absorption was briefly reviewed. Silica fume blended cement was pressed at pressure of...

Authors: Ryszard Dachowski, Anna Stępień

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental study on sand-lime bricks. The purpose of this research is to examine different materials as modifiers,...

Authors: Xiao Long Sui, Ming Sheng He, Xiao Jian Fu

Abstract: 16 groups of compressive strength with different mix proportion of lightweight heterogeneous soil mixed with expanded polystyrene (EPS-soil)...

Authors: Hong Zhu Quan

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to improve the durability of fly ash concrete. As a result, by making fly ash concrete into non-air-entraining...


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