Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Hua Liu, Zhi Yang Gao, Mei Juan Rao

Abstract: A new kind of ultra high performance concrete containing limestone powder was studied in this paper. The results show that the compressive...

Authors: Fang Tao Ruan, Xin Jin, Wen Yu Wang, Chang Fa Xiao, Chun Xie

Abstract: In this paper, polyester fibers (PET) were treated with low temperature plasma firstly. Then, these plasma treated PET fibers were coated...

Authors: Ting Xi Li, Na Kong, Su Su Gao, Peng Sui, Yu Hua Zhao, Cheng Qian Yuan

Abstract: A new type of poly (acrylic acid-co-acrylamide) was synthesized by copolymerization method using acrylic acid (AA) and acrylamide (AM) as...

Authors: Lei Kou, Fu Ting Pan, Cheng Yu Wang

Abstract: Based on the research results of the microstructure of concrete, and considering the characteristics of rubber modified concrete, this paper...

Authors: Bo Wen Guan, Shuan Fa Chen, Rui Xiong, Yan Ping Sheng, Li Li Ma

Abstract: The rheological properties of brucite fiber asphalt mastics are studied by the Brookfield viscosity test in this paper. The results show...

Authors: Fang Xian Li, You Zhi Chen, Qi Jun Yu, Jiang Xiong Wei

Abstract: Desulfuration residues were used as aggregate to produce Non-autoclaved aerated concrete. The effects of water-hinder ratio, casting...

Authors: Miao Miao Gui, Yun Hui Fang, Zi Dong Lan, Fei Yu Yu, Tian Xing Lin, Zhuo Jun Jiang, Qing Ru Wen

Abstract: Polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers are synthesized by radical graft copolymerization reaction, and the products are divided into ester...

Authors: Ryszard Dachowski, Zdzislawa Owsiak

Abstract: The general attributes of calcium silicate products have been investigated in several studies. In this paper, we propose to use a specific...

Authors: Chao Yan, Qing Jun Ding, Jian Ping Xu, Hong Xi Wang

Abstract: At the present, Portland cement-water glass double solution grouting materials have many problems, such as the instability of gelation time...

Authors: Min Qin, Nai Xing Liang, Zhao Feng Lu

Abstract: Based on the analysis of chemical constituents and mineral composition, a new disposal method of alumina red mud added in cement stabilized...


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