Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Yan Sun, Ai Min Gong, Yu Lin Peng

Abstract: With the experimental objects of the C3S pastes curing at 60 days with water-solid ratio of 0.5, the micro mechanical...

Authors: Shan Suo Zheng, Yi Hu, Bin Liu, Ming Xie, Qing Lin Tao

Abstract: The damage evolution laws of high strength and high performance concrete (HSHPC) are obtained by a large number of experiments on mechanical...

Authors: Hui Yong Ban, Gang Shi, Yong Jiu Shi, Yuan Qing Wang

Abstract: High strength and high performance steels used in structural engineering have been developed, but the application is constrained and the...

Authors: Jian Qiang Wei, Ming Li Cao

Abstract: As a new type of fibrous material, CaCO3 whisker has played an increasingly important role in the fields of instrumentation,...

Authors: Ke Xu Hu, Yan Bo Zhang, Kai Xu

Abstract: Base on the practical experience of reinforcing engineering and the application of new type of cement based grouting material in recent...

Authors: Qiao Yan Guan, Peng Zhang

Abstract: A designed experimental study has been conducted to investigate the effect of clay dosage on mechanical properties of plastic concrete. The...

Authors: Xin Wei Ma, Li Xiong Yang, Yu Yan Ji

Abstract: Energy conservation is a hot topic in the field of construction. To increase the thermal resistance of the enclosing structure of buildings,...

Authors: Zhen Wu Shi, Shuang Liu, Rui Rui Zhang

Abstract: Based on the evaluation of fibrous concrete materials and the experiments of freezing-thawing resistance home and abroad, the present...

Authors: Liang Hsing Chou, Chun Ku Lu, Maw Tien Lee

Abstract: Grafting method was used to modify polypropylene (PP) fiber to enhance the fiber reinforced concrete in this study. Polyacrylamide (PAM) was...

Authors: Ying Hao Wang, Xu Dong Liu

Abstract: In fuel gas project, the foundation of carburetor is in circumstance which concrete occurred freeze-thaw circulation. To meet durability of...


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