Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Su, Jun Lin Tao, Tang Li, Yan Yin

Abstract: The compression tests were carried out to investigate the compression behavior of steel fiber reinforced ultra high strength...

Authors: Pei Wang, Wen Yan Lv, Zhi Yong Wei, Xia Zhen Zhang, Lian Liu, Wan Xi Zhang

Abstract: This paper presented the results of a comparative study aiming to investigate the effect of reflective coatings on lowering surface...

Authors: Zhao Ming Huang, Yu Fei Yuan, Zi Yun Wen

Abstract: At present, masonry and plaster of AAC blocks are still carried out by traditional construction methods which often lead to some quality...

Authors: Dong Lin, Yu Fei Yuan, Zi Yun Wen

Abstract: In ordinary processing condition, using small amount (2%) of polymer to modify reactive powder concrete (RPC), the performance of modified...

Authors: Shu Long Ma, Yong Li, Jia Lin Sun, Yue Li, Wen Bin Xia

Abstract: Sintered magnesia with different particle sizes, fused MgAl2O4 and FeAl2O4 were used as the raw...

Authors: Fang Wang, Jian Guo Wu, Lu Cai Wang

Abstract: The aluminium foam is reinforced by compositing ZrO2 ceramic balls with high hardness. The production process includes preparing...

Authors: Xiao Jian Gao, Hong Wei Deng, Ying Zi Yang

Abstract: The influences of silane impregnation on water adsorption, bonding force between ice and concrete surface and resistance to freeze-thaw of...

Authors: Xian Ming Liu, Li Ya Wang, Sen Lan Li, Jian Ping Wang

Abstract: The introduction of foam into concrete, made the concrete have a small internal, closed independent uniform bubbles, which can form light...

Authors: Yuan Qing Wang, Yun Lin, Yan Nian Zhang, Yong Jiu Shi

Abstract: Currently, brittle mechanics and designing methods of high-strength construction-structure steel and its weld at low temperature are little...

Authors: Wei Su Weng, Zhong Yang Liu, Li Wen Wang

Abstract: At present, wall materials innovation and energy-saving building construction face the new situation in China. Using local rich natural...


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