Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Ping Zhang, Lan Zong, Jia Ping Liu

Abstract: A detailed observation on the penetration profile of chloride ions through a crack in concrete structures was carried out. Cracks were...

Authors: Yong Hui Luo, Zhen Guo Gao, Guo Lin Miao

Abstract: Prediction of cement compressive strength was studied with accelerated curing methods, e.g. warm water and boiling water curing. The results...

Authors: Ye Tian, Xian Yu Jin, Yuan Zhan, Nan Guo Jin

Abstract: This paper reports the investigation on both high and normal strength concrete using a non-contact electrical resistivity facility. The bulk...

Authors: Min Yang

Abstract: In this work, the solubility of phosphogypsum(PG) in water and saturated lime solution was determined in experiments carried out at...

Authors: Lin Deng, Yan Lv, Rong Gui Deng

Abstract: Rockburst is a sudden disaster that endangers greatly the security of operators and facilities in the production.The problem of rockburst is...

Authors: Hai Chuan Wang, Wei Sun, Jian Jun Wang, Jie Lie, Kai Zhong Wang, Jian Wu

Abstract: The paper carries out a study on the composition control of smelting low-carbon low-silicon and high-aluminum cold heading steel SWRCH6A...

Authors: Qian Qian Zhang, Guang Lin Yuan, Ya Nan Dong

Abstract: After heated to high temperature, the strength test of concrete cube specimens made by siliceous and calcareous coarse aggregates was...

Authors: Zhao Gui Su, Zhong An Jiang, Wen Geng Dong

Abstract: Aiming at the building in city, the dangerous sources in construction are analyzed. Some hazardous factors, which are fountains of the...

Authors: Xiao Er Zhou, Yan Kun Zhang, De Min Jiang

Abstract: From the experimental research, the relations between the dynamic modulus of elasticity and natural vibration frequency of specified density...

Authors: Yan Kun Zhang, Shao Yu Zhang, Xiao Er Zhou

Abstract: By finite element method, experimental results of the light-weight aggregate concrete composite slab are compared with the numerical...


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