Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Chun Huang

Abstract: In the twenty-first century, with the development of technology, architecture is not just a shelter or even “a frozen music” (by Johann...

Authors: Te Hsing Chang

Abstract: The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) is located between Hsinshi Township and Shanhua Township of Tainan County, with the newly-built,...

Authors: Sam Young Noh, Eun Mi Sin

Abstract: The purpose of the study is the development of a tool for the prediction of the structural damage by means of the numerical damage...

Authors: Min Joo Jo, Sam Young Noh

Abstract: A new moment-resisting precast concrete beam and column joint system using untensioned wire strands was developed in the study, mainly for...

Authors: Chao Ying Liu

Abstract: The analysis of owners’ house layout is an important part of Interior design. Designers, by analyzing and evaluating objectively the house...

Authors: Mohammad Ismail, A.R. Siti Fatimah, Bala Muhammad, Noor Norhazilan Md., Hazri Bakhtiar

Abstract: Corrosion of reinforcement is a worldwide problem which causes premature degradations in reinforced concrete structures. Monitoring...

Authors: Maria Dolores Alves Cocco, Gabriella Patto Xavier Gonçalves

Abstract: The objective of the study was to analyze the composition of mortar in order to enhance the use of milk serum and its application in earth...

Authors: Yu Kun Lv, Guang Min Sheng, Hao Fei Xue

Abstract: Based on the failure model of building structural steels under earthquake loading, High strain low cycle fatigue properties of HRB400QST...

Authors: Yun Xia Lun, Shao Shun Liu, Ming Kai Zhou, Xiao Fan Liu

Abstract: Many testing methods are used to evaluate the volume stability of steel slag sand, but none of them can legalized widely, which hinders its...

Authors: Pei Xiu Xia, Guang Ping Zou, Li Qiang Tang

Abstract: In this paper, numerical simulation on the failure process of the mixed mode crack about the concrete is carried out. The results show that...


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