Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

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Authors: Hui Feng Su, Wei Ning Liu

Abstract: During the tunnel’s construction, pre-inject to form loop in wall rock of the fault fracture and karst-developed area where there is...

Authors: Da Hu Rui, Qing Hong Wu, Zhen Feng Cao, Yu Xia Zhao, Guang Fan Li

Abstract: Yellow River-Crossing Project in South-to-North Water Transfer approach through the use of shield tunnel and its north bank departure shaft...

Authors: Jin Xing Lai, Jia Sun, Chi Liu

Abstract: Based on practice road tunnel engineering in Gansu province and near areas in west china, the main construction technology and emphasis of...

Authors: Yi Xiao

Abstract: The large deflection behavior of prismatic cantilever beams subjected to uniformly distributed load is investigated. An approximate...

Authors: Wan Shui Han, Tao Wang, Su Jing Yuan

Abstract: Field test and analysis were carried out for dynamic responses on a continuous bridge under open traffic. The inspection, testing and...

Authors: Yi Xiao

Abstract: This paper deals with large deflection problem of a cantilever beam with a constant section under the action of a transverse tip load. The...

Authors: Li Heng Liang, Li Xin Xing, Tong Lin Li, Hong Yan Jiang, Li Jun Jiang

Abstract: Digital Elevation Models (DEM) implies numbers of geomorphologic spatial information. It not only includes the three-dimensional coordinate...

Authors: Jin Shui Xie, Ming Zhou Bai, Zhao Yi Xu

Abstract: Beijing subway Huangzhuang stations is cross-transfer station. It has a complex tunneling structure. The characteristics of the reverse...

Authors: Hang Jing, Ling Ling Jia, Yi Zhao

Abstract: Damage detection in civil engineering structures using the dynamic system parameters has become an important area of research. The...

Authors: Xiang Zong

Abstract: In order to achieve the setting and hardening of mine shaft lining concrete under the minus temperature in freezing construction and to meet...


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