Advanced Building Materials

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Authors: Qi Fang Xie, Hai Bei Xiong, Xi Lin Lu

Abstract: A developed light wall composed of oriented structural straw board (OSSB) and tennon-and-mortise connection wood frame (TMCWF) was...

Authors: Rui Jin Zhang

Abstract: This paper dealt with the influence of the steel-concrete interface quality and environmental conditions on reinforcement corrosion. High...

Authors: Yu Sheng Li, Guang Peng Cao, Jie Bao

Abstract: It is a very effective technology methods that using dynamic numerical simulation of discrete element method to study the large deformation...

Authors: Yi Jin Li, Yun Li Gong, Jian Yin

Abstract: This paper describes the influence of raw material, water-cement ratio, sand ratio, cement-sand ratio and fly ash content on impermeability...

Authors: Qing He Huang, Jian Nan Huang, Yan Hong Zou

Abstract: The geotechnical test can't be applied to sand as the original sample is difficulty to collected by drilling, so the cohesive strength C of...

Authors: Yu Min Song, Ding Jun Wu

Abstract: In this paper, a differential segment of curved beam in the vibration state is analyzed, and the internal force equilibrium equations are...

Authors: Yan Rong Zhao, Zhi Fang Zhou

Abstract: Since construction drainage will inevitably cause ground settlement, it is necessary that a system optimization model is established with...

Authors: Jian Hua Liu, Wei Shen Zhu

Abstract: In this present paper a new yield criterion called M-D criterion is established based on the average of Mohr-Coulomb and Drucker-Prager...

Authors: Jun Fa Zhang, Lei Tao, Jian Jun Wen, Wen Xiang Liu

Abstract: After the construction of building foundation with high groundwater table was finished, stopping dewatering of pit could create some effect...

Authors: Zong Lin Wang, Li Hui Qin

Abstract: Gravity abutment widely uses for substructure part of the bridge structure. For many reasons, there are many damages take place in the parts...


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