Advanced Building Materials

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Authors: Yong Bo Zhang

Abstract: Taking the 2204 working face of Xinzhi Colliery in Huozhou as the background, through experiment of analog simulation, analyze the structure...

Authors: Xiao Qing Zeng, Xin Ding Wang, Qiu Hua Tang

Abstract: The article makes a simulation on the external CFRP prestressed reinforced concrete continuous beams with ANSYS, the beams which had made...

Authors: Yan Chun Tang, Jing Nian Fang, Hui Zhou

Abstract: Through a lot of rock salt dissolving characteristics tests without stress effect, rock salt dissolving model without stress effect has been...

Authors: Youn Ju Jeong, Young Jun You, Yoon Koog Hwang

Abstract: In this study, in order to verify wave induced buoyancy effects by wave conditions of wave height and period, experimental studies were...

Authors: Zhong Hu Zhao

Abstract: In order to improve the efficiency of the direct testing machine for rock tension experiments, a new elastic foundation of lower clamper is...

Authors: Lu Bo Meng, Tian Bin Li, Liang Wen Jiang, Hong Min Ma

Abstract: High temperature conventional triaxial compression test of shale are carried out by the MTS815 servo-controlled testing machine, based on...

Authors: Min Qin Wu

Abstract: More problem about the corrosion of concrete structures in subway engineering at home and abroad has been reported, people have analyzed...

Authors: Jian Qi Wu, Jian Hong Deng, Xiao Ping Wang

Abstract: Obtained stress distribution of hammer bottom according to the analysis of horizontal and vertical red sandstone fill dry density of the...

Authors: Jiao Zhang

Abstract: The risk evaluation of environmental monitoring indexes during deep excavation was systematically investigated and applied to a real...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Jin Chao Yue

Abstract: Plate anchor is one of the most popular types of anchors widely used in geotechnical engineering. Reliable prediction of the ultimate uplift...


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