Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Guo Chen, Wei Liang Huang, Rui Zeng Shan, Qing Shan Yang

Abstract: Pre-stressed spatial tubular truss system is adopted in steel roof truss structures of China International Exhibition Center New Venue....

Authors: Zheng Liu, Tao Wang

Abstract: Based on the general FEA program, the bidirectional nonlinear behavior of lead rubber bearing is taken into account by using two orthogonal...

Authors: Zhi Kui Liu, Bin Jie Zhao, Zhan Fei Gu, Chun Mei Mu, Bao Chen Liu

Abstract: By the traditional calculation method of evaluating the stability of the karst foundation, the results often exist certain differences from...

Authors: De Quan Kong, Rong Wan

Abstract: The main object of study is the natural loess. The confined compression test and confined compression resilience test of nature loess and...

Authors: Yun Jun Luo, Ben Dong Qin, Yang Liu

Abstract: The expanding properties of limestone from 200°C to 700°C were investigated under high temperature and bidirectional restraints with the...

Authors: Ming Xin Lu, Zhen Guo Li, Yin Tong Tian, Ping Song, Yan Sen Huai, Tian Ye Lin, Chun Yu Liu, De Zheng Tong, Shu Pei Qiao

Abstract: The measurement data indicates that the main reason for tunnel damage is continuing level displacement with the characteristic of Pie Form....

Authors: Hai Bo Zhou, Ping Liu, Guan Ze Hou

Abstract: In order to discuss the relationship between truss string structure weight and the rise, so as to find out the optimal rise of different...

Authors: Ming Li, Jian Ming Lu, Jian Yong Song

Abstract: Juancheng Yellow River Highway Bridge is the largest externally pre-stressed concrete continuous box-girder bridge with corrugated steel...

Authors: Wei Dong Song, Dong Xu Wang, Ya Nan Tang

Abstract: This paper discusses the stope parameters of the sublevel subsequent filling stage in Daye Iron Shizishan section. According to the similar...

Authors: Tai Hua Yang, Huai Jian He

Abstract: Assuming the internal friction angle of backfill and the displacement are in nonlinear, to adopt the calculation model that was put forward...


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