Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Zhao, Xian Ming Zeng, Shi Min Li, Da Lu Lin

Abstract: This paper introduced the comparison test of new optimal composite anchorage structure and single anchorage structure. The measured results...

Authors: Zhi Juan Sun, Chao He Chen, Ming Jin Chu, Peng Feng

Abstract: In order to improve the durability of reinforced concrete member, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP)-reinforced concrete member is introduces....

Authors: Jin Song Gui, Zhen Guo Li, Qing Meng, Bo Zhang

Abstract: The value selection of m has a greater influence on the internal force of pile. So, how to determine the value of m is very important for...

Authors: Qian Cao, Lei Liu

Abstract: Photonic crystal fiber has a good application prospect in civil engineering testing field. This thesis establishes the finite element module...

Authors: Jian Yuan Sun, Yi Chao Yuan, Kun Peng Li

Abstract: Recently internal and external prestressing enjoys a booming in the bridge construction, but the existing structural analysis programs of...

Authors: Zhong Xian Guo, Jun Liu, Yong Shun Qi

Abstract: Basing on filed loading test results, the influences of cushion stiffness to the playing process of pile head and soil surface pressure in...

Authors: Feng Shan Ma, Ai Hua Wei, De Min Ding, Jie Guo

Abstract: Ground subsidence is aggravated and becomes a prominent phenomenon recently in Tanggu, China. The subsidence reached its most critic state...

Authors: Li Min Duan, Jin Chao Yue, Xiang Fei Niu

Abstract: Graded broken stone materials show cross-anisotropic behavior, but now most pavement structure analysis are based on assuming pavement...

Authors: Zhi Xi Yang

Abstract: The finite element method and modal synthesis method for the fluid-structure acoustic vibration in 3D problems is introduced in this paper....

Authors: Yi Jiang Zong, Li Jun Han, Gui Lei Han

Abstract: In order to study the grouting reinforcement effect of structural plane in cracked rock mass under uniaxial compression test and reveal the...


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