Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chen Yuan Lu, Shu Na Lai, Fan Li Meng

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the uplift mechanism theory of the disk piles, a model test device was designed to study the uplift bearing...

Authors: Jiang Xu, Li Feng Lu, Hong Wei Yang, Jin Neng Wang, Yuan Zhang

Abstract: The related components of material testing machine (e.g., pressure plate, pressure head, compression bar, etc.) produce distortion in the...

Authors: Fan Li Meng, Xiao Peng Zhai, Chen Yuan Lu

Abstract: Two groups of model pile tests was designed to study the influence of horizontal load on compressive bearing capacity of different types of...

Authors: Le Fu, Qian Li, Lan Qiao, Zhi Qing Li

Abstract: Based on the technological features of highway tunnel information design and construction,the relationships between stress-deformation and...

Authors: Cheng Qing Liu, Wei Xing Shi, Shi Chun Zhao, Yi Pan

Abstract: Typical earthquake damages of Reinforced concrete columns in the Wenchuan earthquake are introduced, and the damage characteristics of...

Authors: Si Hai Luo, Yang Wang, Jian Yong Yang, Tong Fa Deng

Abstract: Through the method of dimensional analysis, the dimension equations of loess ground deformation of dynamic compaction are established. Based...

Authors: Hong Ying Dong, Wan Lin Cao, Jian Wei Zhang

Abstract: An experimental study on the torsional behavior of two 1/6 scale core walls: one reinforced concrete core wall with concealed steel trusses...

Authors: Zong Lin Wang, Li Hui Qin

Abstract: Gravity abutment widely uses for substructure part of the bridge structure. For many reasons, there are many damages take place in the parts...

Authors: Chong Shan Bao, Yong Zhang

Abstract: H-type vertical axis wind turbine is a new type wind turbine. Currently the research on its support tower is still in the blank stage. Based...

Authors: Tao Wang, Jing Ning, Yu Li

Abstract: According to the behavior of seismically isolated continuous bridges, the bidirectional nonlinear characteristics of lead rubber bearing are...


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