Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Wei Deng, Ying Zi Yang, Xiao Jian Gao

Abstract: In order to determine the optimal proportion of magnesium phosphate cement mortar, the influences of ratio of magnesium phosphate...

Authors: Machine Hsie, Chih Tsang Lin, Yueh Feng Ho

Abstract: The study proposes the Genetic Operation Tree (GOT), which integrate Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Operation Tree (OT), to build the model for...

Authors: Wei Fu, Wan Ping Wu, Sha Wu, Bin He, Yan Bin Ruan

Abstract: Swelling tests of remolded expansive soil with water immersing are carried out by use of the simple consolidometers. The swelling...

Authors: Shi Lei Du, Bing Han, Zheng Zhang

Abstract: Creep, as one of the most important properties of concrete, has important influences on concrete structures. In present domestic researches,...

Authors: Wen Long Ding, Tao Liu

Abstract: For subway tunnels such as Nanjing Metro II excavated by mining method, one of the most important reinforcement methods for preventing...

Authors: Zuo Zhou Zhao, Qin Zhi Liu, Jia Ru Qian

Abstract: Steel braces are widely used in seismic retrofit of buildings. However, their tendency of buckling under compression impairs their efficacy....

Authors: Wei Zhong, Jian Peng Yang, Bao An Pei, Zi He Gao

Abstract: The prediction model of maximal critical velocity of pressurization was established theoretically by analyzed the pressure’s distribution in...

Authors: Zheng Zhang, Gui Yun Yan

Abstract: Parameter analysis based on finite element methods was executed to study the in-plane stability capacity of extruded T-section aluminium...

Authors: Tian Wen Lai, Qi Yun Zhou

Abstract: Taking Clough & Duncan’s hyperbolic model as the transfer function, the influencing factor of super-long single pile’s effective pile...

Authors: Fu You Yan, Yuan Cheng Guo, Shang Qian Liu

Abstract: Based on the assumption of pointed blade of circular cassion, the formulas of the bearing capacity of soil beneath the blade are presented...


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