Advanced Building Materials

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Authors: Mohd Hafiz Zawawi, Syafalni, Ismail Abustan

Abstract: This study explains the use of resistivity imaging profiling. The Resistivity Imaging Profiling (RIP) became the one of some important...

Authors: Li Jun Lu, Jian Ping Liu, Zhong Mei Li

Abstract: This paper focusing on the crack at hole of guyed-mast’s ear-plate connecting cables and shaft of guyed-mast, adopting two degree of freedom...

Authors: Yong Hong Bu, Yi Hong Wang, Ye Yin

Abstract: First, the features of raw-soil structure in China are introduced briefly from its building materials, its building mode, its structure...

Authors: Yong Huang, Jun Jie Wang, De Yin Jin

Abstract: During May 12th 2008 Wenchuan earthquake with the magnitude of 8.0, a 4-span rigid frame arch bridge named as Xiaoyudong Bridge which...

Authors: Jian Xiu Wang, Bo Feng, Pei Wang, Yi Qun Tang, Ping Yang

Abstract: Grouting is often adopted in a tunnel to resist high external water pressure; the tunnel is defined as External Water Pressure-Resistant...

Authors: Mohd Ariff Ahmad Nazri, Syafalni, Ismail Abustan, Najihah Dor, Mohd Tadza Abdul Rahman, Lakam Mejus, Roslanzairi Mostapa

Abstract: The study scrutinizes the groundwater evolution and its relation in the Kerian irrigation scheme of Perak region using isotope and...

Authors: Ke Chao Zhao, Lei Xie

Abstract: In this paper, a new type of large span prestressed concrete integral roof was studied. The test uses full scale specimens, the roof’s span...

Authors: Yong Mou Zhang, Jian Chang Zhao

Abstract: Consolidation coefficient and percent consolidation of soft clay were calculated according to the measured pore water pressure of a project...

Authors: Zhang Ming Jiang, Hong Wang

Abstract: With many large cities accelerating the pace of urban expressway construction, at the same time it has to be thought-provoking which factors...

Authors: Shuang Bei Li, Chun Feng Jia, Lin Jie Jiang, Rong Qin

Abstract: The element-free spline method is proposed to analyze the vibration of the functionally graded material (FGM) plate with various boundaries....


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