Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Li, Ding Jun Wu

Abstract: The local vibration of a bridge under moving train is the source of low frequency noise radiated from the structure. Local vibration of...

Authors: Ri Gao Chen, Yan Yao, Ling Wang

Abstract: Recycle utilization of building waste is the tendency of building material for environment protection & sustainable development....

Authors: Lu Feng Pang, Xin Xin Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, polycarboxylic type high performance water reducers have been synthesized through using TPEG modified monomer. If synthetic...

Authors: Wei Qing Fu, Fei Chen, Lin Ding

Abstract: For analyzing reduction vibration effect of high-rise isolated structure with LRB, experimental research on shaking table of isolated...

Authors: Cyprien Rusu, Xiao Hui Cheng, Meng Li

Abstract: Salt Water intrusion is a recurrent phenomenon over the world. This study has purpose to find a new biological way to solve this problem....

Authors: Guang Yao Fu, Fan Sheng Zeng, Min Tian

Abstract: The ground fracture already becomes one of main city's geological disasters in China, this geological disaster is quite serious in Xi'an, of...

Authors: Guo Wen Yao, Liang Zhou, Zhi Xiang Zhou, Shi Ya Li

Abstract: Effective combination and carry-loading together between steel and concrete play important roles for the steel-concrete composite structure....

Authors: Xue Fu Zhang, Jia Xiang Liu

Abstract: Because double side drift excavation method named eye excavation method has been a mature and reliable excavation method, it has normally...

Authors: Xiao Li Dong

Abstract: This paper will introduce the basic methods of soil-structure dynamic interaction at home and abroad, and analysis the advantages and...

Authors: Jun Zheng He, Zai Quan Wang, Jin Shan Bai, Li Ming Zhang

Abstract: Based on the brittle fracture theory of composite crack, and then overlapping the stresses at the end region of a crack under tension-shear...


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