Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Hua Huang, Tian Qing Li, Yue Fang Wang

Abstract: Extensive tests have shown that externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) laminates are particularly suited for improving the...

Authors: Wan Zhen Wang, Yuan Jiang Chen, Fei Yi Chen

Abstract: Referring to an egg shaped yield function for geotechnical materials, a failure criterion for light-weight aggregate concrete is put...

Authors: Rong Jian Li, Xi An Li, Gao Feng Che, Wen Zheng, Wen Jun Chen

Abstract: Stress path is one of the very important factors of soil strength. It is significant to study the strength and reveal the importance of the...

Authors: Chen Bin, Jun Neng Ye, Gan Bin Liu

Abstract: Based on a series of consolidated-undrained stress path tests, the mechanical characteristics of Ningbo marine deposit soft clay under...

Authors: Ying Xia Tian, Wei Huang, Dong Zhao, Cheng Hua Zhang

Abstract: The eco-composite wall structure is a new structural system, characterized by ecology, low weight, high strength, saving energy and good...

Authors: Rui Zhi Wen, Bai Tao Sun, Bao Feng Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, it is a brief summary for the field survey on the 27 February, 2010 Malue mega-earthquake, Chile by a Chinese scientist team....

Authors: Fu Wei Jiang, Fu Sheng Guo

Abstract: In the mountain scenic area, we can enjoy the perilous rock landscape in nice style actually with the vivid, infectious, unique, aesthetic...

Authors: Yan Hui Liu, Ping Tan, Fu Lin Zhou, Yong Feng Du, Wei Ming Yan

Abstract: This paper presents a bidirectional piezoelectric actuator, which can be used to vibration control of serially connected isolation System....

Authors: Yi Xue, Lei Xu, Zheng Zheng Cao

Abstract: Excavation engineering is affected by many kinds of factors. It is becoming the key and difficult point in geotechnical engineering. This...

Authors: De Yi Jiang, Wei Guo, Yan Kui Zheng

Abstract: In this paper, the ubiquitous-joint model was used to simulate the layer-rock and the development of broken zone with different excavation...


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