Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lu Yang, Xin Pu Shen, Hong Zheng, Dai Heng Chen

Abstract: The focuses are to analyze the complicated damage process, and to determine the deformation field of the localized deformation and damage of...

Authors: Zhong Qiang Wang, Zhi Wu Yu

Abstract: The experiments of 26 unbonded prestressed concrete flat beams under fire with elevating the temperature according to the ISO...

Authors: Huan Jun Jiang, Lao Er Liu

Abstract: For engineering practice purpose, the macroscopic model capable of simulating the main characteristics of nonlinear behavior is desirable to...

Authors: Jun Li, Zheng Yu, You Sheng Yu, Ran Li

Abstract: In this paper, the different sizes of enlarged weld access hole (EWAH) in steel beam-column connection are presented. Based on the...

Authors: Rui Zhou, Mei Zhen Zhang, Zhou Hong Zong

Abstract: Strengthening using prestressed CFRP plate is a new developed technology in recent years, which can significantly improve the flexural...

Authors: Cheng Wang, Qi Zhang

Abstract: Vertical static load test is widely used in the determination of pile bearing capacity, the mathematical model used to fit test pile data in...

Authors: Xue Chan Zhang, Xiao Nan Gong

Abstract: It is common to have a foundation pit accident, when failing to deal with the effect of confined water. In order to avoid such accidents,...

Authors: Xing Ma

Abstract: A nonlinear force method model is proposed to study the dynamic behavior of cable trusses. In the paper, travelling wave method is employed...

Authors: Wen Xia Yang, Qiang Gu, Zhen Sen Song

Abstract: In current seismic design procedure, structural base shear is calculated according to the linear elastic response spectra divided by...

Authors: Wei Hu, Guang Fan Li, Juan Du

Abstract: The rise of groundwater level can reduce soil’s effective stress and destroy it’s structure. As a result, the dynamic characteristics of...


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