Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Jun Chen, Jia Sheng Zhang, Li Ying Peng, Zhen Hua Ren

Abstract: Guangxi province is the typical expansive soil area, and the unconfined compressive strength is the important strength index. There is...

Authors: Guo Zhong Dai, Gui Cai Shi, Xiao Feng Wu, Yan Wang

Abstract: One kind of slurry with low permeability coefficient and certain adsorption and retardation to pollutants in leachat is developed in...

Authors: Yi Bo Chen, Dong Qin Peng

Abstract: The technical measures of dynamic consolidation used in silt soil foundation reinforcement of a seaside project in Hainan province were...

Authors: Xing Xin Li, Wei Xin Ren, Ji Wei Zhong

Abstract: In order to make good use of large-span suspension bridge health monitoring system, the design for Wuhan Yangluo Yangtze River Bridge health...

Authors: Qiang Feng, Bin Song Jiang

Abstract: The detection meaning of section outline on highway tunnel and the principle and operation method of laser measuring instrument of tunnel...

Authors: Wen Zhao Chen, Quan Chen Gao, Jun She Jiang

Abstract: Through model test, the displacement of the top of the wall and the strain of the core pile with excavating were measured and the...

Authors: Feng Ji, Yu Chuan Shi

Abstract: The surface shape of structure plane is closely related with its mechanics property. Precise measurement to the surface shape of structure...

Authors: Ke Du, Jing Jiang Sun, Xiao Ying Gong

Abstract: From the damage investigation of Ning’er earthquake and Wenchuan earthquake, it was found that the damage of arc-shaped wall was severe. The...

Authors: Feng Chen, Yi Li Sun, Da Lin Hu

Abstract: The chloride ingress of prestressed concrete should consider much more factors than common reinforced concrete. And the prestressed concrete...

Authors: Yang Liu, Kai Ling Li, Yu Ming Men, Guang Yuan Weng, Hong Jia Liu

Abstract: The interaction mechanism, between soil and U-shaped Subway tunnel, is studied by numerical simulation in the environment of ground...


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