Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Xia Chen, Kai Yang, Yan Yang

Abstract: Granite residual soils are often used as compacted soils in engineering structures such as pavement, embankments and backfills in Xiamen....

Authors: Guo Dong Zheng

Abstract: On the basis of the time-adjusted effective modulus method (AEMM method) and the steel influence coefficients, the combined influence...

Authors: Zhi Ping Wu, Sheng Hua Qiu, Ying Li

Abstract: According to the complex mining geological condition of Shandong gentle inclined multi-seam mining, Use the three-dimensional finite element...

Authors: Zhe Zhang, Li Hong Zhang, Da Hu Luo

Abstract: Based on the theory study of stress characteristics of the H-beam with corrugated web under transverse load, optimization analysis was...

Authors: Wei Ping Peng, Hui Fang Liu, Zhao Liu, Re Xia

Abstract: Based on AMESim,a method of dynamic characteristics analysis and optimization for hydraulic system of a self-propelled steel bridge (SPSB)...

Authors: Chen Guang Wei, Zheng Quan Liu, Xiao Ying Deng

Abstract: In recent years, Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system has been becoming one of most important application of solar energy. Heat is...

Authors: Yan Xun Song, Qiang Xu, Xi An Li, Hong Zhou Lin

Abstract: The matric suction has very important influence on the characteristics of unsaturated sand; and it is closely relevant to density. In order...

Authors: Jun Zhao Gao, Guo Feng Xiao, Hai Qiang Miao

Abstract: Side slop losing stability is one of the main factors which greatly influences freeway expedite construction, especially after side slop...

Authors: Ling Jun Xie, Ai Liang Zhai

Abstract: In this paper, the splitting tensile strength experiments of recycled sintered brick-tile concrete with different water-cement ratio, sand...

Authors: Ke Jia Yang, Xing Wen Liang, Lin Zhu Sun

Abstract: High rise structures with strengthened stories are widely used nowadays. A rational seismic design procedure for this kind of structure is...


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