Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Song Zhu, Jian Song

Abstract: In order to accurately assess the robustness of the complex bridge structure, a method of robustness assessment that takes structure...

Authors: Ji Ping Ge

Abstract: Based on available research results of precast segmental bridge pier, seismic performance of a continuous girder bridge with precast...

Authors: Bo Zhang, Lian Jin Tao, Wen Pei Wang, Ji Dong Li

Abstract: A field test is carried out to study the effect of vibration while treating foundation using vibroflotation method in the deep soil layer in...

Authors: Xiao Ping Cao

Abstract: With the increasing of the quantity of the tunnel, more and more attentions have been paid to the tunnel destruction induced by earthquake....

Authors: An Feng Hu, Hang Rao, Jing Yuan

Abstract: As a new technique of excavation support structures, outrigger-type diaphragm wall has got an application in deep pit engineering, though...

Authors: Ji Hong Bi, Chun Sheng Shu

Abstract: Take the Liujiaxia bridge as engineering background. Based on classical flutter theory, It focus on research critical factors which affect...

Authors: Chao Liu, Dong Xu, Yuan Sun

Abstract: Najin Bridge, located in Lasa of China, is an extradosed bridge with three towers and with the (70+117+117+70)m spans. The turning radius of...

Authors: Wei Shui, Xing Gui Wang

Abstract: Erosive Karst Tiankeng has been a new type of Tiankeng Since the Collapsed Karst Tiankeng was found and primarily research by Zhu Xuewen, a...

Authors: Wei Qing Fu, Fei Chen, Wen Guang Liu

Abstract: Kelly and Xiyuan Zhou research on upper single-degree-of–freedom model of regular isolated building, and give necessary computing formulas....

Authors: Jin Song Zhu, Jian Hui Wu

Abstract: In order to accurately evaluate the reliability of the existing cable-stayed bridge, a method based on inspection information is proposed to...


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