Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Yong An, Bao Tian Wang

Abstract: Cone penetration test is a fast and efficient in-situ test technique. With the development of sensor technology and the use of new probes,...

Authors: Xian Chao Xiang, Guo Sheng Jiang

Abstract: The soil and rock mixture is widely spread in the world, which is much different from homogeneous and continuous soil, it is hard to get the...

Authors: Xue Yu Xiong, Yi Wang

Abstract: This subject studies the mutual effect between the upper structure and the foundation of the long-span spatial structure in the process of...

Authors: Hong Quan Sun, Jun Ding, Jian Guo, Dong Liang Fu

Abstract: Under the concentrated loads, the crack evolutions of reinforced concrete experimental beams (RCEB) with three different aggregate sizes are...

Authors: Kai Wang, Hai Gui Kang, Hai Tao Wang

Abstract: The main feature of NATM is to utilize all available means to develop the maximum self-supporting capacity of the surrounding rock or soil...

Authors: Da Lei Wang, Ai Rong Chen, Hui Lin Ai

Abstract: Problem of lateral driving stability of the automobiles passing by the vicinity of pylons of cable-supported bridges in condition of strong...

Authors: Lin Tang, Xiao Wu Tang, Wei Liu

Abstract: Rainfall-induced landslides are of frequent occurrence in the south of China. One of the most effective methods to stabilize landslides is...

Authors: Xiao Yong Li

Abstract: The measured coefficient of consolidation can have a substantial degree of variation even in a uniform clay layer. The probability...

Authors: Xian Chao Xiang, Chang Qi Zhu

Abstract: Silt is widely distributed in coast area. Its consolidation is a popular geotechnical engineering issue. Coast silt is always under seasonal...

Authors: Xiao Xuan Liu, Ji Ru Zhang

Abstract: The micro pore structure of isotropic consolidated clay was studied by using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). A digital imaging...


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