Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Bao Zuo, Wei Sun

Abstract: In order to assess theoretically the expansive strain of concrete caused by the ettringite formation and growth under the sulfate attack,...

Authors: Yong Mou Zhang, Jian Chang Zhao

Abstract: Ground subsidence is one of the main geological hazards in Shanghai. The ground subsidence is caused by pumping groundwater greatly. In the...

Authors: Yong Mou Zhang, Jian Chang Zhao

Abstract: The consolidation coefficient, permeability coefficient and other parameters were calculated out based on field measurement data of pore...

Authors: Zhao Hui Lu, Zhi Wu Yu

Abstract: The paper examines the effect of the corrosion types of reinforcing steel on the deterioration of shear strength of corroded reinforce...

Authors: Yun Gang Chen, Zheng Xing Guo, Han Chang

Abstract: In this paper, the proposed idea of producing fully-enclosed composite cable with CFRP coupling of high-tensile steel wires and the forming...

Authors: Song Li, Hong Jian Liao, Hang Zhou Li

Abstract: This paper aims to study the strain softening behavior of soft rock. A modified equation of unified strength theory is proposed that is...

Authors: Jian Jun Zhou, Tian Ya Zheng, Zhi Peng Gong, Zhan Ling Fu

Abstract: The Shuibuya Dam is the highest concrete faced rockfill dam (the height is 233m) in the world. The dam site is located in Enshi Autonomous...

Authors: Shang Chuan Zhao, Jing Liang Xia

Abstract: Indexes of coarse aggregate, such as powder content, sediment percentage, maximum particle size, gradation and coarse aggregate volume...

Authors: Bo Han, Hong Jian Liao, Hang Zhou Li, Zheng Hua Xiao

Abstract: A probabilistic analysis procedure and related algorithms were based on the Monte Carlo simulation method that considers the variability of...

Authors: Chang Liang Zhang, Xiao Feng Lei, Tong Lu Li, Ping Li

Abstract: On the base of the equilibrium of the whole force equilibrium, the whole moment equilibrium of the slope, and the force equilibrium of the...


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