Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Chen, Wei Hou

Abstract: Based on researchers of interaction theory and its application, mechanism of interaction among superstructure, base and foundation was...

Authors: Yu Ye Xu, Bo Wu, Rong Hui Wang, Ming Jiang

Abstract: The residual strength of reinforced concrete (RC) columns with ‘T’-shaped cross section after fire are decreased more quickly than those of...

Authors: Yun Chao Deng, Pei Wen Hao, Lei He

Abstract: Many highways in China cross irrigation area of farm land. The water in rivers and ponds by two sides of roads can flush back into subgrade,...

Authors: Huie Chen, Huan Yan, Jun Zhang

Abstract: Series of indoor tests were done to study the strength forming process of soft soil stabilized by cement. Dry cement was used to consolidate...

Authors: Li Chao Wang, Ping Gen Zhou

Abstract: The limit equilibrium method for rigid body is used to analyze the stability of subgrade reservoir bank slope of granite stained. The...

Authors: Yuan Pan

Abstract: The application of steel wire mesh and polymer mortar composites to the surface of reinforced concrete (RC) members as external...

Authors: Xiao Yong Hu, Xiao Xu Zhang, Yu Liang Qiu, Wei Hua Dong, Bao Wen Kou

Abstract: A simplified seismic calculation model of immersed tunnel is built up, which is applied to the seismic analysis of Hong Kong-Zhu Hai-Macao...

Authors: Ye Zhi Zhang, Liang Chen

Abstract: In SSCC floor systems the concrete slab is composite with both steel stringers and crossbeams or only with stringers. The horizontal bending...

Authors: Syaril Taufik, Shahrizan bin Baharom, Robert Y. Xiao

Abstract: This paper investigates the behavior prediction of partially restrained (PR) connection with high strength steel by...

Authors: Jin Guo Wang, Zhi Fang Zhou

Abstract: Sanmashan side slope in the Three Gorges reservoir region is located in the center area of the Xincheng district, Fengjie county, China....


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