Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Jia Yang, Lin Zhu Sun, Lian Meng Chen

Abstract: Based on mechanical characteristics of high rise structures with strengthened stories, the author performed direct displacement based...

Authors: Ping Dong, Jian Fan

Abstract: A smart piezoelectric friction damper (SPFD) is presented based on improved Pall friction dampers and its damping force model is analyzed....

Authors: Hong Hai, Li Sun, Ying Hua Zhao

Abstract: Fatigue damage becomes an emerging problem in lots of concrete structures which will subject to cyclic loadings during their working life....

Authors: Shi Bao Luo

Abstract: According to the ancient wooden architectural features, the different destructions of wood structures are discussed. On the basis of the...

Authors: Fu Qiang Qi

Abstract: In order to discuss the effect of earthquake and dynamic ice loads to a bridge pier, this paper considered the effect of added mass of...

Authors: Xiao Yan Ni, Yu Zhang, Shi Bo Zhang, Wei Huang

Abstract: A numerical calculation model of the dynamic response of a tall building -base- foundation system was built. In the modeling, the beams,...

Authors: Bin Yan, Li Tong Sun, Yao Xu

Abstract: Some damages of piles can be unavoidably caused by natural disasters and extreme constructions. Usually, piles can be cut into two parts by...

Authors: Bin Yan, Ying Hui Lv, Ping Hu

Abstract: In the past many researchers studied dynamic stiffness and damping coefficients of surface and embedded rigid foundations of arbitrary...

Authors: Yu Feng Zhang, Chao Li

Abstract: A large under-construction chimney at BALCO Power Plant in central India collapsed on Sep. 23, 2009 under severe stormy weather, causing...

Authors: Hong Hai, Ying Hua Zhao

Abstract: The debonding behavior at the interface between fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) sheet and concrete is a key problem for the application of...


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