Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Jian Sheng, Zong Lin Wang

Abstract: It is necessary to study the dynamic responses of simple-continuous bridges under traveling vehicles action, which may benefit the...

Authors: Kai Fu Liu, Xiang Ru Yang, Xin Yu Xie, Chang Fu Wu, Yong Hai Liu

Abstract: Laboratory triaxial tests of the soil reinforced with roots of Manilagrass were carried out in order to understand the stress-strain...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Jin Chao Yue

Abstract: An experimental investigation on the uplift resistance of circular plate anchor in both loose and dense sand is performed. A test set-up and...

Authors: Jun Zhao Zhao, Wu Jun Chen, Gong Yi Fu, Rui Xiong Li

Abstract: Numerical simulation of forming process is an issue that finds the solution of a series of unstable equilibrium states of cable-strut...

Authors: Guo Hua Song, Dong Wei Wang, Bing Kang Liu

Abstract: The paper attempts to research the seismic behavior and mechanical mechanisms under repeated low-cycle loading of vertical connections in...

Authors: Yan Xu, Lei Nie, Shu Lin Dai, Min Zhang

Abstract: Chaancun landslide in Dalian city is located at the heartland of Dalian Xicheng International tourism business district which is the throat...

Authors: Liang Li, Xiu Li Du, Li Yun Li, Wei Zhai

Abstract: In this paper, the stability of an explicit finite element method for wave motion of fluid-saturated porous media is studied based on the...

Authors: Long Guo, Ai Rong Chen, Li Ping Xu

Abstract: The design of bridges, in particular long spanned ones, is challenging in the sense that there are many complicated issues to be considered....

Authors: Le Min Ma, Lei Wang, Long Xian Xu

Abstract: Through studying the ground surface settlement monitoring for Fang Dou Shan highway tunnel Shallowly-buried Portal Part, this paper mainly...

Authors: Ping Zhang, Lei Wang, Dong Xiao Li

Abstract: It may appear different diseases after years of operation on old bridges. In order to understand the actual working condition and the...


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