Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: José Ramón Ruiz Checa, Valentina Cristini

Abstract: This research presents some features about juniper timber, above all related with aspects of its structural use (for supports, pillars,...

Authors: Xiao Jun Jiang, Yan Yun, Zhi Hua Hu

Abstract: The feasibility of manufacturing non-autoclaved aerated concrete using alkali activated phosphorus slag as a cementitious material was...

Authors: Noridah Mohamad, Wahid Omar, Redzuan Abdullah

Abstract: A study is carried out to develop a Precast Lightweight Foamed Concrete Sandwich Panel, PLFP, as a new and affordable building system....

Authors: Joon Seok Park, Seong Sik Lee, Jeong Hun Nam, In Kyu Kang, Dong Jun An, Soon Jong Yoon

Abstract: In the study, in order to enhance the durability and constructability of the pile foundation, hybrid FRP-concrete composite pile is...

Authors: Shao Wen Shang, Xiao Yun Li, Hai Feng Guo

Abstract: This thesis analyzes the exhaust system of residential kitchen existing problems of indoor air quality. Discusses how to making up air to...

Authors: Ye Fan Chen, Chao He Chen, Hong Wang, Chuan Min Zhang

Abstract: The paper makes an analysis of the selected location and feasibility of the exposure test ground in the real marine environment, and the...

Authors: Zheng Jun Liao, Chao He Chen

Abstract: The paper probes into the application of masonry strengthening with mortar splint in the reinforced masonry structure. By optimizing the...

Authors: Ren Zuo Wang, Shi Kai Chen, Chung Yue Wang, Bin Chin Lin

Abstract: The main object of this paper is to apply the vector form intrinsic finite element (VFIFE, or V-5) techniques in nonlinear large deformation...

Authors: Xin Yu Wang, Zhu Shan Shao, Yu Ming Cui

Abstract: During the construction of the deep-buried tunnels, high surrounding rock stress and the rockburst are the important factors affecting the...

Authors: Zhong Fan Chen, Fei Lu, Yang Yuan, Sha Sha Miao

Abstract: Rowlock cavity wall was widely used in rural house in Southern Jiangsu Province from 1980s to 1990s. As one type of masonry structures, the...


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