Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lan Wang, Yong Ming Xing, Chun Qing Chang

Abstract: Compound crumb rubber modified asphalt (CCRMA) is a kind of compound modified asphalt. It is made from putting granulated crumb rubber (GCR)...

Authors: Jing Jing Li, Zhan Feng Wang, Qing Zhang

Abstract: In order to analyze the changes of joint opening displacement(JOD) for cement concrete pavement under different road structures and material...

Authors: Xiang Cheng Yan, Xing Zhong Weng, Xiao Jun Liu, Jian Qiang Jia

Abstract: The evaluation of airport pavement service performance plays an important role in pavement maintenance, rehabilitation and overlay. A...

Authors: Ming Tang, Xiao Bo Mu, Yong Tian

Abstract: According to preparation of noise-reducing concrete with the technology of exposed-aggregate, this paper exploits high performance roller...

Authors: Ming Tang, Yong Tian, Xiao Bo Mu, Ming Jiang

Abstract: Usually resistant to salt water corrosion of concrete prepared with fly ash and slag grinding fine admixture, however, such mixed concrete...

Authors: Ming Liang Xing, Shuan Fa Chen, Zu Zhong Li, Hua Xin Chen, Bing Gang Wang

Abstract: How to prevent and delay the emergence of reflective cracks effectively is a most important task for road researchers to the asphalt mixture...

Authors: Zong Bin Liu, Wei Shui Fei, Pei Guan Wu, Fei Chen

Abstract: Making reference to the process of cement concrete pavement evaluation about current design, construction quality examination,highway...

Authors: Yang Yang Zhou, Wei Shui Fei, Wen Lian Liu

Abstract: The seepage field of tailings pond is analyzed. Based on the result distribution of hydraulic head and velocity in the dam body, seismic...

Authors: Shao Xing Chen, Wei Xin Ren

Abstract: Fatigue performance of asphalt layer was studied by ALF full scale accelerated loading test. Fatigue performance characteristic of ALF test...

Authors: Yan Bin Guan

Abstract: 3-D permeability model is set up through image analysis of porous asphalt mixture sample slice by cosmos image technique on the basis of 2-D...


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