Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Dong Guo, Chun Mei Gao, Hao Wang, Ming Liang Zhang

Abstract: Water stability of bituminous mixture, whose sediment concentration of coarse and fine aggregate are respectively in 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, is...

Authors: Ming Wu Hu, Yi Tang Zhou, Luo Ke Li, Yi Na Wang

Abstract: According to the stage filling theory and particle interfering theory, a new parameter “q” was put forward. The “q” was come from other 3...

Authors: Yun Wei Meng, He Jun Chai

Abstract: Associating with highway widening project of Zhangzhou coastal main artery, the numerical analysis is carried out to analyze the lateral...

Authors: Zhen Feng Li, Xiang Yun Guo, Ming Zhang

Abstract: Inverted asphalt pavement has been widely used in practical application. Anisotropy of granular material has been proved by experiment, but...

Authors: Rong Jian Li, Wen Zheng, Hao Duan, Gao Feng Che, Wu Yi Jiao

Abstract: The chord modulus method mostly used in the layer-wise summation method to evaluate the total settlement of subgrade at present. In order to...

Authors: Li Xing Ma, Jun Feng Huang, Zhi Da Li

Abstract: The effect of short-term aging on rheological properties of asphalts was studied. In this paper, asphalt was aged by rolling thin film oven,...

Authors: Yong Qiang Zhong, Xiao Ming Huang, Gong Yun Liao

Abstract: In order to evaluate and improve the performance of asphalt mixture at low temperature, low-temperature bending test of asphalt mixture was...

Authors: Bao Liang Wang, Hong Tao Li

Abstract: Flexible pavements, as one of engineering subject, its stresses field is foundation and take play an important role to its mechanics...

Authors: Bao Min Wang, Kai Song

Abstract: Construction formwork is a new type of building material, bringing innovation to building technology aspects such as design theory and...

Authors: Yu Li Shao, Yan Xiao Li, Bao Liang Wang

Abstract: For complex pavements, there are circular, elliptic and rectangular shape vehicle loads under different conditions. Treatment way of vehicle...


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