Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Dou, Bo Li, Wen Hong Ren, Qiang Wang

Abstract: The volume parameters of asphalt mixtures is sensitive to compaction temperature. Warm-mix Asphalt (WMA) was green paving technology, which...

Authors: Bin Yang, Li Jun Suo, Chun Ren Zhou, Kai Liang Dong

Abstract: With the goal of exploring the impact of pavement structure parameters on load stress of super-thick cement concrete pavement, this paper,...

Authors: Abhay Vinayakrao Patil, Anant Manohar Pande

Abstract: Silicon manganese is an essential alloy in the manufacture of steel which impart hardness & strength and performs as an oxidizing agent....

Authors: Sheng Hai Fan, Ling Lin

Abstract: At present our country highway asphalt pavement in use is becoming more and more common, but early rutting damage serious impact on the road...

Authors: Yong Ye, Yi Zhou Cai

Abstract: Compressive behavior of asphalt mixture is studied in creep and strain recovery tests observing large nonlinear viscoelastic strains. The...

Authors: Liang Fan, Zhi Xiang Zhou

Abstract: In view of good geological condition non-cliff side slope road widening or new road construction, after contrasting and analyzing the...

Authors: Xiang Dong Zhang, Meng Wang, Xue Lei Zhang

Abstract: Jin Zhou Long Qi Bay distributes in different areas of shallow marine sediments, it is necessary to predict and control the settlement of...

Authors: Xiu Shan Wang, Li Wang, Xiao Jun Ding

Abstract: The method to analysis the strength of planetary trains’ carriers of EPB(earth pressure balance) shield machine is presented in this paper....

Authors: Hai Chen Yu, Li Jun Sun, Li Ping Liu, Lu Jia

Abstract: In order to investigate the pavement performance of cold recycling sulphur asphalt mixture with emulsified asphalt, freezing and thawing...

Authors: Jiang Miao Yu, Zhi Li, Xiao Ning Zhang

Abstract: The digital image processing technique was applied to analyze and evaluate the coarse aggregate orientation property in asphalt mixture...


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