Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Tao Geng, Rui Bo Ren, Yang Zhong, Qian Xu

Abstract: It’s an effective method for measuring and monitoring of structure response of asphalt pavement with sensor to evaluate materials...

Authors: Shuang Xi Li, An Quan Xu, Xin Jun Tang, Quan Hu

Abstract: It takes on the technical and economic double benefits that fly ash taking the place of cement. However, water/binder of modern concrete is...

Authors: Zhan Ding, Jun Jiang, Shao Ying He, Cheng Shen

Abstract: Waste rubber is a typical black pollution. Producing asphalt rubber with crumb rubber is an effective way of reducing the pollution and...

Authors: Lian Yu Wei, Kai Wang, Shi Ning Li, Shi Bin Ma, Yang Feng Wu

Abstract: Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the design and performance of both flexible and rigid pavements. The functional...

Authors: Shi Bin Ma, Kai Wang, Yang Feng Wu, Lian Yu Wei, Ming Wei Zhang

Abstract: The design of asphalt pavements in china is currently based on the multilayered elastic method, which is analytical in nature and yields...

Authors: Jin Ting Wu, Fen Ye, Yin Ting Wu

Abstract: The internal mechanical response of asphalt pavement structure is difficult to be obtained because of the limitations of theoretical...

Authors: Xian Yuan Tang, Jie Xiao

Abstract: This paper systematically elaborates the impact upon performance of emulsion asphalt cold reclaimed asphalt mixture by different RAP...

Authors: Lei Nie, Min Zhang, He Qing Jian

Abstract: During the construction of Heda expressway, the Ermi landslide, which occurred on section K377, has interrupted the construction of the...

Authors: Jing Hui Liu

Abstract: The Semi-Circular Bending (SCB) test, which is chosen as the best inspecting method for pavement cores, is of great significance. Based on...

Authors: Mohammad M. Khabiri

Abstract: Maintenance and protection of road pavements are one of important tasks of highway agencies. Many studies are done about specifying suitable...


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