Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pan Wu Li, Qian Qian Si

Abstract: Inconstruction process of mass concrete is apt to form excessive temperature stress and cause mass concrete cracking, because of its high...

Authors: Shi Sheng Li, Ze Rong Dong, Qi Li, Hua Zhao, Hui Zhang

Abstract: After foundation excavation for a dam of a hydropower project, the rock mass would be unloaded and relaxed and its mechanical parameters...

Authors: Jie Gu, Wei Chen, Cui Ping Kuang, Xin Qin, Dan Qing Ma

Abstract: Based on the data of water depth in the South Branch and the Hengsha Passage, and the flow spilt ratio of the North Passage and the South...

Authors: Jiang Dong Cai, Ding Ceng Yu, Ya Dong Chen, Qing You

Abstract: Fluvial action is the most universal erosion process in geological history. Rivers in the surface of the Earth had molded different kinds of...

Authors: Zhi Bin Sun, Xiao Li Yang

Abstract: The developed groundwater pipe network drainage system in the gravel soil slope has a significant impact to its stability. Considering the...

Authors: Pan Wu Li, Jia Ming Gao, Xian Zhe Zeng

Abstract: The heat(cold) caused by atmospheric temperature flows backward during construction period makes the temperature field and the stress field...

Authors: Pan Wu Li, Zhen Xing Xue

Abstract: With its good spanning capacity and whole structural stress performance, the prestressed concrete box girder is widely used in modern...

Authors: Pan Wu Li, Peng Dong Qu, Xian Zhe Zeng

Abstract: The hydration coefficient of cement is the main influence factor of the cumulating quatity of internal heat. It directly affects...

Authors: Jie Liu, Qing Song Wei, An Li, Cong Wang, Wen Ting He, Yu Sheng Shi

Abstract: Reducing emitters’ working hydraulic pressure appropriately can cut down construction cost and running cost of the whole drip irrigation...

Authors: Tao Yu, Ping Yi Wang, Cheng Yu Yang, Gui Jing Gao, Ji Sheng Zhang

Abstract: The water forces acting on spur dike were systematically analyzed under the different influenced factors (flow discharge, water depth,...


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