Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Feng Peng

Abstract: As a new dam type, Hardfill dam has been arisen recently. The suitable geologic condition of t Hardfill dam construction was analyzed based...

Authors: Feng Li, Bin Tian, Shuo Zhang, Zhao Chen

Abstract: The safety monitoring of the underground powerhouse is the effective means that people could know the state of operation and the security of...

Authors: Xiao Chun Lu, Bin Tian, Suo Zhang

Abstract: Concrete faced Rockfill dam (CFRD) is a safe and economical dam type in hydraulic engineering. The temporary dam body for flood control...

Authors: Ji Bao Wang

Abstract: The flow coefficient is an important factor in analyzing and computing the flow capacity of broad-crested ridge-free weir of low head...

Authors: Jia Dong Wang, Ding Zhou, Wei Qing Liu

Abstract: Sloshing response of liquid in a rigid cylindrical tank with a rigid annual baffle under horizontal sinusoidal loads was studied. The effect...

Authors: Xiao Lei Zhang, Dong Po Sun, Feng Ran Zhang

Abstract: The 2-D water and sediment mathematical model which reflects silting in floodplain and scouting in main channel of over-bank flooding in the...

Authors: Fu Rong Li, Zhi Hua Wang

Abstract: Taking the double-column pier as the research project, based on ABAQUS finite software, using the added water mass to consider the...

Authors: Shao Jie Chen, Wei Jia Guo, Hai Long Wang, Bo Li

Abstract: On the basis of the field measurement, the characteristics of advance strata behavior are analyzed in the past filling working face and the...

Authors: Ju Cai Chang, Guang Xiang Xie

Abstract: Numerical simulation and field measurement were carried out to investigate into laws of deformation and movement and the evolving...

Authors: Ke Liang Ren, Yan Dong, Yan Chang Wang

Abstract: As for the multi-scale coupling phenomenon among substrate, bonding coat and coating in thermal barrier coating materials, the method of...


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