Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

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Authors: Zhi Yu Zhang, Long Fa Luan, Ji Yao, Jian Bin Xie, Xiang Long Li
Abstract: Based on the hydrological, geologies and slope features of Jianshan phosphate mine in Yunnan province, the geomechanics model of slope was established. Then the static stability of different elevations in mining section was studied by using methods such as the rigid body limit equilibrium method, finite element method, continuum large deformation Lagrange element method. According to the supervise data of the mining blasting, the dynamic response of the slope in blasting was studied by continuum large deformation Lagrange element method, and some suggestions were proposed for following mining blasting. The research results show that the slope was in the stable status before blasting vibration. Current mining blasting vibration has little effect on the stability of slope, but would reduce the safety factor of the top of the slope. Single blasting would enlarge the instantaneous acceleration of the top of the slope in a ratio of 8.8% and 10.8%.
Authors: Dong Ming Guo, Yi Zhang, Peng Fei Han, Jing Zhao Zhuang
Abstract: There exists a thick layer of gravel in Quaternary alluvium surface soil layer in most areas of Xinjiang, China. When passing through the gravel layer during mine construction, mine workings collapse and rib spalling often happen, which influences the mine working’s construction and bring hidden danger to safe construction. This article took the engineering geological characteristics of thick gravel layer in Ili mining area in Xinjiang as background, carried out the gravel layer roadway’s deformation and failure tests based on the principle of similar model test, and analyzed and summarized the law of the surrounding rock deformation and failure. The results indicates that: Seepage is the decisive factor in the destruction of gravel layer surrounding rock; roof displacement increased from 1.8mm up to 3.4mm when the gravel layer roadway surrounding rock’s water content grows from 7% to 12.67%, which shows that displacement of surrounding rock increased with the increase of water content; coupling support has the best effect in gravel layer roadway. The research results play a guidance role and have a reference value for the engineering with the same type of roadway design and construction.
Authors: Yi Zhang, Dong Ming Guo, Qiao Yun Han
Abstract: When designing cooling engineering in deep stope, the three parameters, air temperature, air velocity and distance between cooling air and work place, are three key factors to determine cooling effect. Lowering air temperature, increasing air velocity and shortening the distance between cooling air and work place can all achieve the purpose of cooling work place. Not only to achieve the purpose of cooling, but also to reduce operating costs, save energy and extend the service life of cooling equipments, these three parameters should be chosen and combinated rationally, to gain the fine operation conditions. Taking 7446 work face in Jiahe coal mine as an example, on the base of analysis of multiple sets of cooling parameters in a variety of conditions, it proposes the range of parameters which can gain better cooling effect, more economical run and longer cooling equipments service life. It provides a wider choice of reasonable parameters for 7446 work face cooling engineering.
Authors: Zhen Wei Jiang, Qi Yao Wang
Abstract: Due to special geological environment in Xi’an, serious ground fissure disasters will occur to the Metro construction. According to the planning, Metro Line 3 will meet with the ground fissures at 15 segments. Based on the results of model test and numerical analysis, the minimum sedimentation value of ground fissure arousing disasters on metro was determined as . By using the evaluation model of risk degree as R = P×V, risk degrees of each segment where the metro crossed ground fissures was calculated. The results showed that in normal design circumstances, there are eight ultra-high risks segments and two high risks segments. Therefore, special measures should be taken to reduce risks for these segments with high risks or above.
Authors: Ling Zong, Gui Fu
Abstract: In order to prevent work safety accidents from occurring and gather some information valuable for enterprises’ safety in production, enterprises should build a reporting system with no-penalty. Establishing the system should be followed by the principle of voluntariness, confidentiality and no-penalty. Under the situation where the enterprise staff’s near miss is caused by negligence, hasn’t led to dangerous consequences and he/she makes self-report without delay, staffs shall be exempted from punishment. With the purpose of guaranteeing the operation of the system, a perfect reporting procedure should be set up. Meanwhile, the article also researches into some other problems such as the countermeasures of the enterprise staff’s not making self-report in the process of implementing the system, defining the scope of self-report clearly, carrying out error correction measures and so on.
Authors: Qing E Guo, Xue Qing Wang, Zhen Wei
Abstract: With the development of network technology and electronic commerce, an increasing number of people started on-line shopping. And the information of a probability distribution of the goods market demand is not easy to get due to lack of historical data. To resolve these two problems, this paper gives a system framework and model of returns policy for supply chain with electronic market in fuzzy environment. Basing on the uncertainty theory, this paper characterizes the demand of traditional and electronic market as fuzzy variables. A fuzzy expected value model is formulated for this problem, and a hybrid intelligent algorithm is designed to solve it.
Authors: Wei Xing Lv, Hai Jun Shi
Abstract: This paper analyzes the characteristics of the construction quality control in large-scale complex Projects ( LCP) and points out the deficiencies of the traditional quality control in the general quality control in LCP. To meet the demand of good general quality control in LCP, based on the technique of Hierarchical Intelligent Control(HIC), a Quality Intelligent Control Model(QICM), was founded in the paper, which gives the quantity control index value K and the quantity standard value H in the stability of QICM by using entropy function evaluation methodology and solves the problems existing in LCP that general construction quality could hardly be described in quantity, and consequently offers the new ways of quality control in LCP.
Authors: Yi Lin Sun, Zhi Yi Huang, Ryuichi Kitamura
Abstract: This paper describes how automobility characteristics changed across lifecycle stages within different residential areas over time using statistical analyses. The results confirm that lifecycle is a useful classificatory variable in explaining automobility characteristics. Through analysis of four variances (including lifecycle stage, residential area, time, and age effects), the result suggests that residence area mainly determines the automobile ownership, but household members’ age is one of the main explainers for the fraction of auto trips and total auto travel time.
Authors: Qi Lan Zhou
Abstract: In the recent twenty years, with the rapid development of china’s economy and city construction, residential projects development becomes more prosperous than ever before. The speed of Chinese residential projects development is higher than any period in history. It brings many problems, such as house price went up too quickly, resources consumed over much and so on, due to the development speed was too high and the developers seeking high profit unilaterally. Therefore, we must seek a proper balance between endless requirements and limited resources supply and aim at to construct a keep zoology balance, increase the efficiency of energy and other resource, and share comfortable healthy and most cost-efficient residence as a final goal. Constructing sustainable residential community is the important embodiment of scientific development concept and the necessary requirement to change production mode and economy increase mode in the region of residential construction. It has great theoretical and practical value to improve the resident quality and level, construct best resident environment city and wealthy society. Based on previous reasons, the thesis try to provide a basic point for the whole industry to correspond via the evaluation and research on durative of Chinese residential project, to guide developers to follow a uniform high standard while developing residential projects, heighten the integral level of residence development.
Authors: Wei Tan, Yi Hong Zhou, Jian Wen Huang, Shuo Zhang
Abstract: Contract dispute is often arisen during the implement of international projects for its high amount and long duration; therefore, the contract dispute settlement is one of the most important content of contract management. The reasons of arising contract dispute in the international engineering were analyzed in this paper first; on the basis of that, several common dispute settlement modes were presented, a new method named DAB (Dispute Adjudication Board) was preliminarily introduced; in addition, an engineering case were analyzed to illustrate the feasibility of DAB; finally, some suggestions of how to reduce contract dispute were put forward from both enterprises themselves and contract management.

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