Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Yu Zhang, Long Fa Luan, Ji Yao, Jian Bin Xie, Xiang Long Li

Abstract: Based on the hydrological, geologies and slope features of Jianshan phosphate mine in Yunnan province, the geomechanics model of slope was...

Authors: Dong Ming Guo, Yi Zhang, Peng Fei Han, Jing Zhao Zhuang

Abstract: There exists a thick layer of gravel in Quaternary alluvium surface soil layer in most areas of Xinjiang, China. When passing through the...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Dong Ming Guo, Qiao Yun Han

Abstract: When designing cooling engineering in deep stope, the three parameters, air temperature, air velocity and distance between cooling air and...

Authors: Zhen Wei Jiang, Qi Yao Wang

Abstract: Due to special geological environment in Xi’an, serious ground fissure disasters will occur to the Metro construction. According to the...

Authors: Ling Zong, Gui Fu

Abstract: In order to prevent work safety accidents from occurring and gather some information valuable for enterprises’ safety in production,...

Authors: Qing E Guo, Xue Qing Wang, Zhen Wei

Abstract: With the development of network technology and electronic commerce, an increasing number of people started on-line shopping. And the...

Authors: Wei Xing Lv, Hai Jun Shi

Abstract: This paper analyzes the characteristics of the construction quality control in large-scale complex Projects ( LCP) and points out the...

Authors: Yi Lin Sun, Zhi Yi Huang, Ryuichi Kitamura

Abstract: This paper describes how automobility characteristics changed across lifecycle stages within different residential areas over time using...

Authors: Qi Lan Zhou

Abstract: In the recent twenty years, with the rapid development of china’s economy and city construction, residential projects development becomes...

Authors: Wei Tan, Yi Hong Zhou, Jian Wen Huang, Shuo Zhang

Abstract: Contract dispute is often arisen during the implement of international projects for its high amount and long duration; therefore, the...


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