Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Qun Zhou, Mei Xin Ye, Zhi Shuo Yang, Li Ou

Abstract: The seismic performance of reinforced concrete(RC) columns is one of the controlling factors of the shock resistance for RC frame structures...

Authors: Shuang Suo Yang, Shao Qing Niu

Abstract: According to the character that broken rock mass still has higher compressive strength with appropriate support action though it can not...

Authors: Lei Yu, Zhi Zhong Fan, Gang Xu

Abstract: The mine pressure behavior characters of shallow buried coal seam differed from both shallow seam mining and general depth seam. Mine...

Authors: Ying Xu, Jian Biao Bai, Yong Chen, Jun Yue

Abstract: The gob-side entry retaining technology, one of the scientific mining technical system, can enhance coal recovery rate and reduce entry...

Authors: Ying Xu, Lu Lv, Jun Yue

Abstract: In order to compare with the seismic performance of tunnels in different soils, four cases are studied and analyzed in the current paper....

Authors: Xiang Dong Zhang, Xue Lei Zhang, Meng Wang, Hong Hai Zhang

Abstract: Bored pile as a major type of foundation, during the construction process, hole collapse or weak air tightness of catheter leads mud layers...

Authors: Xiang Dong Zhang, Shuang Zhang

Abstract: Based on the deep foundation pit project of Wanbang Square in Qingdao, after many times numerical simulation of foundation pit with ADINA,...

Authors: Xiang Dong Zhang, Jian Jian Ruan, Chang Yu Lan

Abstract: Along with the economical and the industrialization development, The development domain of rheology will be expanded. At present There are...

Authors: Nong Zhang, Yi Ming Zhao, Guang Yao Si

Abstract: Complicated occurrence situation of deep underground coal seams in China determines absence of a national rock classification index. Take...

Authors: Zhi Yu Zhang, Long Fa Luan, Jian Bin Xie

Abstract: According to the geological conditions of mine and mine’s surrounding construction, the geological mechanical model of explosion area and...


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