Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Jun Zhou, Zhan Ling Fu, Guo Bin Zhao, Geng You Han

Abstract: In order to get the mechanical parameters of deep rock for the Fushun mining area, some mechanical properties tests of rock prepared from...

Authors: Wei Ya Zhang, Jun Wei

Abstract: The goal of this paper is instructing the freezing construction scheme of alluvium of wind well in a mine. Through making scheme, designing...

Authors: Sheng Shan Zhao, Wei Dong Pan, Xin Wang, Jia Dun Liu

Abstract: Based on the complicated geological conditions of coal seam in Xuandong Coal Mine, such as deep burial depth, high gas content, magmatic...

Authors: Wei Dong Pan, Xiao Hua Wu, Yang Li

Abstract: Based on the big thickness, low stiffiness and other characters of No. 8 coal seam in Huaibei mining area, the moving laws of top coal seam...

Authors: Xiao Ming Yan, Xiang Yun Chen, Feng Qiang Gong

Abstract: The instability identification of goaf risky is an important work in the mine engineering. Based on distance discriminant analysis, a method...

Authors: Yu Cheng Huang, Rui Min Feng, Hong Pan Wang, Wen Ping Zhao, Yong Fei Liu

Abstract: The coal mining mode of paste-like fill shows the connotation and characteristics of green mining both in the filling materials and mining...

Authors: Wei Jian Yu

Abstract: Since deformations of tunnel nearly mined area are larger, the reasonable support is very important. According to a side working face tunnel...

Authors: Hai Jun Zhao, Feng Shan Ma, Jie Guo

Abstract: Jinchuan nickel mine is the largest cut-and fill mining mine in China. After keep successive mining for nearly twenty years, it appeared...

Authors: Zhao Ning Gao, Xiang Rui Meng

Abstract: Coal floor water inrush is the reason that the deformation and failure of rock strata in floor is induced by mining stress, cracks gradually...

Authors: Kui Xing Liu, Xiao Gang Wei, Shu Xian Liu, Li Ping Lv

Abstract: The similar material model method is used to simulate to the movement of cover rock and ground which is caused by mining underground coal,...


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