Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies II

Volumes 264-265

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Bing Meng, Wen Ji Xu, Jing Sun, Xu Yue Wang, L.J. Wang

Abstract: A theoretical analysis was carried out to investigate the characteristics of plasma arc injected transverse to a transverse-alternating...

Authors: A. Daymi, M. Boujelbene, E. Bayraktar, A. Ben Amara, D. Katundi

Abstract: Titanium alloys have been widely used in industries, especially aerospace, energy and medical industries, due to their good mechanical and...

Authors: Shih Feng Tseng, Kuo Cheng Huang, Don Yau Chiang, Ming Fei Chen, Sheng Yi Hsiao, Yung Sheng Lin, Chang Pin Chou

Abstract: This paper presents an approach to utilize high precision pulsed Nd:YAG laser to fabricate a rough array-pattern on a soda-lime glass plate...

Authors: F. Farhani, Keyvan Seyedi Niaki

Abstract: Treatment of alloy steels at cryogenic temperatures increases their wear resistance, which is an important consideration in industrial...

Authors: Wen Hong Wu, Kuo Cheng Huang, Shih Feng Tseng

Abstract: A thermal fracture process applied to the brittle materials has become a foremost technology, and applied to cut the LCD glass substrate....

Authors: Kuo Cheng Huang, Min Wei Hung, Shih Feng Tseng, Chi Hung Hwang

Abstract: Thermal fracture-cutting technology (TFCT) for brittle materials has become the main technology for LCD glass substrate cutting to meet the...

Authors: Şefika Kasman, İ.E. Saklakoğlu

Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of scan speed and frequency on surface roughness and engraving depth of AISI H13 hot work...

Authors: Şefika Kasman, İ.E. Saklakoğlu

Abstract: The effects of laser machining process parameters namely, scan speed and frequency on wear performance of AISI H13 hot work tool steel were...

Authors: Marco Brandizzi, Annunziata Anna Satriano, Luigi Tricarico

Abstract: CO2 laser - Metal Inert Gas (MIG) hybrid welding process was investigated in the butt welding of Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy sheets of 3.0mm in...

Authors: Leonardo Daniele Scintilla, Donato Sorgente, Luigi Tricarico

Abstract: The high strength to weight ratio and good corrosion resistance of titanium alloys, have led to an increasing use of these materials,...


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