Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies II

Volumes 264-265

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jung Hong Park, M.S. Ku, Jeong Suk Kim, K.H. Lee, Y.S. Song, Myung Chang Kang

Abstract: This work investigated the thermal fatigue behavior of Inconel-738LC material deposited thermal barrier coating by Vacuum Plasma Spray(VPS)....

Authors: S. Mridha, S. Dyuti

Abstract: The possibility of forming a TiN dispersed composite layer on steel was studied by preplacement of titanium powder on steel surface and...

Authors: S. Mridha, S. Dyuti

Abstract: In order to modify surface structure titanium powder was preplaced on steel surface and melted under TIG (tungsten inert gas) torch in a...

Authors: S. Dyuti, S. Mridha, S.K. Shaha

Abstract: The formation of hard surface layer on steel provides a protective coating against wear, thermal loads and corrosion. In the present work a...

Authors: S. Dyuti, S. Mridha, S.K. Shaha

Abstract: In this study an attempt has been made to produce titanium-aluminium dispersed hard nitride layer on mild steel surfaces by preplacement of...

Authors: Syed Jawid Askari

Abstract: Nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) films on titanium alloys are of importance for tribology and biomedical implants. However, due to the...

Authors: K.M. Adel, E.K. Ekhlas, S.H. Shaker

Abstract: A three dimensional FE modeling of the laser surface modification is presented. The design capabilities of the ANSYS (11) software were...

Authors: Gunawan Setia Prihandana, Tutik Sriani, Kei Prihandana, Yuta Prihandana, Muslim Mahardika, Mohd Hamdi Bin Abdul Shukor, Kimiyuki Mitsui

Abstract: The application of powder mixed dielectric to improve the efficiency of electrical discharge machining (EDM) has been acknowledged...

Authors: Wei Min Gao, Ling Xue Kong, F.H. She, Peter D. Hodgson

Abstract: The particle behaviour in a heat treatment fluidised bed was studied by the analysis of particle images taken with a high speed CCD digital...

Authors: Yang Kok Kee, Wan Jeffrey Basirun, Koay Hun Lee

Abstract: The electrodeposition of tin from Tin (II) Methane Sulfonate (MSA) with varying concentration in air and water stable...


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