Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies II

Volumes 264-265

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dimitar Stavrev, Tsanka D. Dikova, Vladimir Shtarbakov, Mario Milkov

Abstract: The present paper deals with the microstructure and hardness distribution in width and in depth of the surface layer of steel Ch18N10T GOST...

Authors: Shih Ming Wang, Han Jen Yu, Si Chi Ouh

Abstract: In this study, simulation based on a theoretical model was made to investigate the influence of inertial effect and friction force to CNC...

Authors: Seyed Ali Asghar Akbari Mousavi, S.A. Hoseini Hosein Abad

Abstract: The mechanical and metallurgical properties of the 630 (17-4PH) precipitation hardening stainless steel is greatly influenced by the type of...

Authors: Huey Tze Ting, Khaled A. Abou-El-Hossein, Han Bing Chua

Abstract: Micromachining of advanced ceramics has been growing tremendously especially in the MEMs industry. All the time, researchers and industrial...

Authors: A.H. Ramezani, M.R. Hantezadeh, M. Ghoranneviss, A.H. Sari

Abstract: This paper is the results of oxygen ion implantation on morphological and electrical properties of indium phosphate (InP) semiconductor...

Authors: G. Kibria, B. Sharma, B. Doloi, B. Bhattacharyya

Abstract: Laser beam machining (LBM) is the most exciting thermal energy based non-contact type advanced material machining method to process almost...

Authors: A. Mahmoodi, M. Ghoranneviss, D. Hanifeh, K. Mehrani, M. Rahbar Zareh

Abstract: The growth behavior of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) grown on electron bombarded catalyst layer has been investigated in this paper. A hot...

Authors: R. Kazemzadeh, Aliasghar Behnamghader, Saeed Hesaraki

Abstract: In this research hydroxyapatite powder was synthesized by wet chemical method using calcium nitrate and diammonium hydrogen phosphate...

Authors: M. Malapati, A. Sarkar, B. Bhattacharyya

Abstract: Electrochemical micromachining (EMM) appears to be promising as a future micro machining technique since in many areas of applications; it...

Authors: Shahab Khameneh Asl, M. Kianpour Rad, Sayed Khatiboleslam Sadrnezhaad, Mohammad Reza Vaezi

Abstract: Titanium dioxide is a cheap, chemically stable and non-toxic material. However its photocatalytic properties are unstable and it is a modest...


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