Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Xuan Zhang, Jing Wang

Abstract: The development process of software simulating physical chemistry experiments “The determination of saturated vapor pressure of liquid” as...

Authors: Wei Hong Zhong

Abstract: This document began with presentation of essential functions and connotations of education, listed manifold manifestation of higher...

Authors: Wen Hong Liu

Abstract: The main teaching objectives of Shanghai Dianji University are technology and application. Aiming at the orientation and basing on the...

Authors: Xin Ping Liu, Zhang Chi, Hai Yan Wu

Abstract: According to the current situation and the existing problems of College teaching resource platform construction, this paper analyzes the...

Authors: Jia Li Hou

Abstract: Since there are lags in the research of teaching physical environment, the findings and applications of the teaching environment has been...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Xu Hang, Yao Wu Liu

Abstract: Sergeants’ teaching under the condition of professional education is the new problem in the construction of army transformation. This paper...

Authors: Ping Yang, Zhao Li, Hua Feng Guo, Yi Qun Tang, Jian Xiu Wang

Abstract: In order to improve the teaching quality and effect of engineering geophysical exploration, the teaching method of engineering geophysical...

Authors: Xiao Li Liu

Abstract: Universities have to evaluate the health status of students every year according to ‘Student Physical Health Standards’, and report the...

Authors: Yun Xia Wang, Cheng Gang Zhao, Ying Kui Lu

Abstract: We summarized our experience in teaching a course “Soil mechanics and foundation engineering”, presented our opinions on how to teach the...

Authors: Jia Yuan Yu

Abstract: Williams Creativity Test B (WCTB) and Adolescent Scientific Creativity Scale (ASCS) were used to measure the creative affective and...


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