Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Feng Liu, Zhen Ming He, Wen Ping Gong, Jia Hua Zhang

Abstract: Informatization is an inevitable trend of higher education development. The Practice teaching is an important link of talents training of...

Authors: Shu Fang Wu

Abstract: Following learner autonomy (LA), teacher autonomy (TA) has recently acquired a prominence in discourse on foreign language education. This...

Authors: Zong Da Wu, Cheng Lang Lu, Dong Dong Zou

Abstract: Programming foundation is a basic required course of computer-related subjects, and thus how to improve the teaching quality of this course...

Authors: Mei Xiu Lu, Fu Rong Wang, Feng Li

Abstract: Image thinning is one of important steps of fingerprint preprocessing. Most of fingerprint recognition algorithms checked the characteristic...

Authors: Shu Zheng, Wei Jin, Chang Ming Lu, Xiao Rong, Xue Lian Du

Abstract: Current vocational education system is still mainly theoretical teaching for disciplinary system with separation between theory and...

Authors: Wei Hu, Chang Chun Li, Guo Hong Dai

Abstract: "No paper-drawing" is the important process of informatization of manufacturing industry, which has greatly impacted the teaching of...

Authors: Li Li Zhang, Jian Feng Cheng, Zhao Feng Li, Zhang Sujun, Jin Yan Hu

Abstract: Through the analysis of relevant literature and typical websites, this document summed up the problems in the application of China’s primary...

Authors: Li Li Zhang, Jian Feng Cheng, Jin Liang An, Shuang Feng Wei, Ji Ping Jiang

Abstract: This document studied the papers in 2001-2010 for finding the hot spots and weak spots. By using content analysis method, this document...

Authors: Qiao Ling Chen

Abstract: In order to train more qualified consecutive interpreters, a suitable teaching approach is needed. Based on the characteristics of...

Authors: Gang Wei

Abstract: ‘Simulation of Civil Engineering’ is a ‘3+1’ special courses for the department of civil engineering, The students have difficulty in this...


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